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135 doctors referred to investigations over past month for absence during work

86 doctors were absent during work on the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, says Health Ministry   

A total of 86 doctors were referred to investigations on Thursday after inspections by the Ministry of Health across several hospitals in governorates.

The inspection aimed to ensure hospitals’ capacity and doctors’ presence during working hours of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

In Fayoum, 45 doctors were referred to investigations for their absence during work across eight hospitals located in Fayoum, Tameya, Etsa, and Abshoy.

13 other doctors in Menufiya and four in Minya were also referred to investigations for their absence during working hours across different public hospitals.

Additionally, 20 doctors in Beni Suef  and eight in Damietta were referred to investigations.

Moreover, the head of Toukh Central Hospital in Qaliubiya was referred to investigation along with his deputy due to their absence. Another hospital director in Qanater was referred to investigations.

There were other medical personnel and technicians referred to legal investigations at hospitals located in Matruh, Rasheed, New Valley, North Sinai, and Sharqeya on charges of medical negligence.

This all comes amid ongoing inspection visits by the ministry to public hospitals, especially on national holidays. A total of 135 have been referred to investigations on similar charges since mid-June, according to an aggregation of the ministry statements.

In mid-June, Minister of Health Ahmed Emad El-Din Rady referred doctors at a hospital in Luxor to investigation after it was discovered that only three doctors out of 47 were present during working hours.

“There is no law that ensures the commitment of doctors inside public hospitals,” the minister said in a statement. “This is why there should be increased monitoring of their work, to prevent further shortcomings,” he added.

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