El Nadeem documents 104 torture cases, 84 enforced disappearances in June

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El Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence published its monthly report on Saturday, documenting violations carried out by the Ministry of Interior and state civil violations in June.

The report stated that there have been 11 deaths inside prisons, 100 murder cases, 104 torture and mistreatment cases, and 84 enforced disappearance, 51 of whom reappeared. Also, the centre documented 50 incidents of improper medical treatment inside prisons and 34 cases of police brutality.

The report included several statements, in which officials had pledged to improve the conditions of detainees during June. It also included documentations of human rights organisations, regarding torture incidents and the crackdown on dissenters, including activists and journalists, in the era of Al-Sisi. Additionally, some letters from prisoners were attached in which they described the poor conditions they are facing in prisons.

Compared to May’s report, incidents of death and enforced disappearance cases declined in June, while reported cases of death in prison, torture, and maltreatment cases have stayed the same. On the other hand, police brutality cases increased from 27 to 34 cases.

Despite ongoing threats and receiving a closure order in February, the centre has continued documenting and releasing reports on torture cases and violations of the Ministry of Interior.


El Nadeem Centre was founded in 1993, and was licensed by the Doctors Syndicate and the Ministry of Health.


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