Etqan Electronics worth EGP 7m in 2015

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Etqan Electronics

Etqan Electronics is specialised in providing educational technological solutions through media and multimedia. The company has been operational since 2012 and is commissioned by the Spanish company Roycan, which is specialised in language and multimedia labs, and online exams.

According to managing director Ashraf Ali, the company provides services in the virtual studio field, using modern digital means in teaching, through graphics processing unit (GPU), which allows students to interactively understand the educational materials. The applications on specialised computer units will help the teacher to interactively explain the lessons, which is known as a virtual studio.

The imaginary teacher service was launched using a robot, which helps in distance learning as the robot replaces the teacher and performs in accordance with the instructions received from the teacher through the internet. Ali said that, according to indicators, the future of education depends on technological solutions and tools.

In terms of the company’s plans during 2016, Ali said the company seeks to cooperate with government agencies in the education sector. Etqan communicated with the Education Development Fund, Literacy, and Adult Education Centre, as well as the ministries of education and higher education, in addition to private universities and international schools.

So far, the company has implemented a pilot project with the Ministry of Military Production. Etqan is also providing technological solutions to some satellite channels and Egyptian radio.

Ali believes that the usage of technological solutions in the field of education is a great investment opportunity for Egypt, especially as the country already possesses well-trained individuals in this field. It is an opportunity to expand into the African market which recently showed interest in developing education with technological solutions.

According to Ali, the size of the Etqan Electronics in the Egyptian market reached EGP 7m in 2015, and the company targets to increase its size and investments during 2016.

The company plans to educate its users at the importance of technological solutions in developing education.

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