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EgyptAir slowdown is over: civil aviation minister

EgyptAir pilots started a slowdown on Thursday to protest for a raise in their salaries.

The EgyptAir slowdown is over and was not related to any political issue, said the Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy to journalists on Sunday.

The minister added that now 90% of flights are back to the normal schedule.

“The incident was handled in cooperation with the EgyptAir company”, Fathy said.

EgyptAir pilots started a slowdown on Thursday to protest for a raise in their salaries.

The minister added that the company affirmed that no one will gain anything by pressuring the company, saying that it already had a plan to raise salaries.

This is not an unprecedented incident at EgyptAir. In May 2015, at least 224 pilots resigned in protest of low salaries. Also, major protests happened in June 2013 that led to the delay of around 20 flights.

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