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Eni to increase Zohr field gas production to 2bn cubic feet per day by end of 2019 - Daily News Egypt

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Eni to increase Zohr field gas production to 2bn cubic feet per day by end of 2019

From 2037, gas production will gradually decline down to 1bn feet per day

The Italian company Eni has started to gradually link the extracted gas from Zohr field to the national grid in order for production to reach 1bn cubic feet of gas daily by 2018, which will then be doubled to 2bn by the end 2019, said a senior official at the company said.

Eni plans to develop Zohr field with the Shorouk concession in the deep Mediterranean waters, to increase rates of production to 2.7bn cubic feet per day by 2020.

The production rate in Zohr field should reach 2.7bn cubic feet per day by the end of 2037, after which it will decline gradually down to 1bn feet per day through 2045.

Eni completed drilling the third well. It was discovered that there is gas carrier layer which is larger than those found in the first and second wells. Therefore, the gas reserves are estimated at about 30tn cubic feet.

The results of the third well are very promising and the calculation of the new reserves is underway, the senior official said. The company will start drilling the fourth well in the Shorouk concession area by next week. This is expected to be finished in 30 days.

Eni targets to complete drilling six wells in Zohr field, as a first stage for the development of the extraction process, by the end of 2016.

The results of the second well indicate that the reserve has a further capacity of 20%. Therefore, the production of recoverable quantities is estimated at $12bn.

The company has begun development of a gas treatment plant with an initial capacity of 1bn cubic feet per day.

The first phase of Shorouk gas treatment plant will be finished by December 2017.

Eni aims to complete linking Zohr gas field’s production to the national grid in two phases, the senior official said. The first phase will see four wells ready for production by mid-2018. The second phase 16 wells added to production by 2020.

The company will invest $5bn in the implementation of the first phase of the Zohr field project in the Shorouk concession area of the Mediterranean deep waters.

Eni is now focusing on the Shorouk concession area to produce gas and to link it to the national grid as soon as possible, the senior official said.

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