Courts postpone trials for 25 April protesters in Cairo to review cases

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Four groups of protesters who were arrested last Monday during protests in Cairo saw their trial sessions postponed on Saturday as they face charges of unlicensed protesting.

A total of 223 defendants are divided into four different cases, 108 of them are still detained pending trial, according to Al-Haqanya rights organisation. These four cases that were filed following protests that broke out on Monday objecting to  the maritime demarcation agreement that would see the transfer of Egyptian sovereignty of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

Qasr Al-Nil misdemeanour court adjourned the trial of 51 defendants to 7 May to review the case while postponing a first session of another 64 to 3 May.

Dokki and Agouza misdemeanour courts postponed the trial for the two other group of protesters for the same reason, also issuing a media gag in the process.

Protests were followed by random arrests of bystanders without any investigation, according to numerous testimonies.

The Lawyers Syndicate decided to legally represent detainees who were arrested during last Monday’s protests.

The Press and Doctors syndicates also showed their concern for the arrests, and vowed to provide support to those who were arrested.

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