6 April Youth members granted release on bail

Amira El-Fekki
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Court to rule on designating 6 April as "terrorist organisation" (Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky)

Prosecution Authorities ordered the release of four detained members of 6 April Youth Movement, on an EGP 2,000 each, according to Ahmed Osman on Thursday, lawyer at the Association for Freedom of Expression and Thought (AFTE).

authorities, which will decide whether to close it or refer it to court,” Osman told Daily News Egypt. The four members were detained last December, following an arrest order issued on charges of illegal protest, and affiliations to a ‘banned organisation’.

Members Ayman Abdel Megeed and Mohamed Nabil were taken from their houses.  Senior members of the movement’s political bureau Sherif El-Roubi and Mahmoud Hisham were arrested later the same day.

Prosecution authorities ordered their detention for 15 days, which has been renewed several times since.

The prosecution was prompted by a rally that was organised on 21 December, in which protestors held banners with revolutionary slogans and fireworks. However, none of the 6 April Youth Movement was present at the rally.

“Nor did 6 April organise the event,” movement leading figure Hamdy Qeshta said. “The rally was held by independent citizens, with the possible participation of some of our members but individually and not representing the movement,” Qeshta previously told Daily News Egypt.

In the months leading to the commemoration of the anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, security bodies are usually on high alert which results in a high number of arrested citizens.

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