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Al-Sisi receives Russia’s envoy to Syria

It is important to continue communication between Egypt and Russia towards a permanent solution for Syria

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received Russian envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev Saturday.

It is important for Egypt to push efforts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis and enforce stability there, Lavrentiev said.

Russia is keen on consulting with Egypt regarding regional challenges, according to a statement released by the presidency.

Al-Sisi pointed to the importance of the continuing communication between Egypt and Russia to reach a permanent solution for Syria that will keep the state’s national institutions.

He praised the UN resolution setting a roadmap for peace in Syria, and said Egypt is keen to support any international effort aiming to put an end to the crisis and ensuring participation of all the moderate sides in the negotiation process.

He called for putting an end to the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Syria and securing the delivery of aids.

Both sides discussed international and the regional efforts to fight “Islamic State” (IS), and highlighted the importance of cutting off its funding and arms sourcing.

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  • Intellectualist

    With Al Sisi to guide Russia on restoring security and stability and Erdogan providing ample criticism a stable failed state can move toward a functioning electorate. First swing of the pendulum has to be toward stability first, then it can swing back toward the liberal democracy of Erdogan. A democracy has to have two opposing perspectives to be inclusive. Without security and stability, all the best intentions of politicians are wasted. Egypt’s Parliament better start public debates soon. Al Sisi’s replacement will likely come from there and the next presidential election will come up faster than anyone thinks. If Egypt is moving quickly, the next president will be Al Sisi’s most outspoken critic. If slowly, it will be his clone. A healthy electorate fluctuates to encompass the overwhelming majority of the people. Nobody feels marginalized unless their views are selfish and discriminatory. Turkey slowed and sought safety in an AKP majority.

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