Egypt’s Court of Cassation to provide its services online

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Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has signed a cooperation protocol with the Court of Cassation to provide its services electronically.

The protocol will create an electronic link with various judicial authorities, and ensure services are available through the Digital Egypt platform.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat said that the protocol aims to develop the system of judicial and administrative work using the latest technologies in accordance with international standards.

This is part of the work to build a digital Egypt to create a qualitative leap in the services provided to citizens. Moreover, the protocol aims to provide court services through the country’s digital platform, which was launched on a trial basis last July. It aims to provide digital government services to citizens in a way that guarantees service quality and ease of obtaining them.

Talaat said that the protocol also aims to link the Court of Cassation with the litigation system, as part of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. This puts into effect the efforts to implement the Egypt Digital Justice project, and the cooperation to implement a project to document and preserve the Court of Cassation’s heritage .

Counselor Abdullah Shawda, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, said that the protocol will use the means of technology and information technology in the Court of Cassation. This comes as part of a comprehensive technical breakthrough that achieves a qualitative leap in the judicial work system based on two main axes.

The first is linking the court with the different judicial authorities to create an integrated database, which secures and facilitates administrative work and contributes the completion of cases. The second axis includes providing the services of the Court of Cassation to citizens and facilitating access to them through the Egypt digital platform.

The duration of this protocol is two years. It includes the implementation of a number of projects, including developing the Court of Cassation Information Center to host protocol projects and provide specialised training for the centre’s employees.

It will also develop the internal work cycle, and introduce all cases in circulation on the internal systems. This would happen through contracts with specialised archiving companies, taking into account the preservation of information security under the supervision of the Court of Cassation Information Center.

Moreover, the unified portal for the services of the Court of Cassation will be updated. A project to archive circulated cases will also be implemented, with the total number of cases amounting to about 5 million.

The protocol stipulates that new electronic services will be provided to citizens through mobile phone services, call centres, and the international information network. This will take place through the Digital Egypt Platform that is being developed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to save time, effort, and money.

The service is fully performed through these means without the need to go to a provider.  In addition, a project will be implemented to electronically automate and manage sessions, as well as link them with the unified repository of Digital Justice Egypt (civil and criminal). The budget for working under the protocol is EGP 120m.

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