Wadi Degla showcases high-tech solutions at Cairo ICT

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Chairman of Wadi Degla Clubs, Hassan El-Mistikawy Photo hadout to DNE


Wadi Degla Clubs showcased on Sunday its state-of-the-art new security system for all Wadi Degla Clubs at Cairo ICT, the largest communications and information technology conference in Egypt.

The new security system is based on unified storage with secured server infrastructure technologies, forming a private environment, according to a statement.

Wadi Degla has introduced a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system and Pan –tilt-Zoom (PTZ) on Wadi Degla’s unified storage, working with a software solution that is accessible on mobile devices, such as mobiles or iPads, allowing Wadi Degla’s security team to more effectively monitor members’ safety and improve the club’s security.

Wadi Degla Clubs have over 450,000 members distributed over the five clubs in the Greater Cairo Area.

“Monitoring such a large area is a huge challenge,” says Hassan El-Mistikawy, Chairman of Wadi Degla Clubs. “With plenty of members flowing in and out of the club, it is vitally important to ensure a secure environment for the safety of all people in attendance, requiring security staff to keep an eye on every corner of the club.”

Initially, Wadi Degla controlled security through their security personnel on the ground and limiting access points, thereby creating unnecessary bottlenecks and disturbing members, said the statement.

“The traditional method of securing entrance is low cost, but neither effective nor efficient,” said El-Mistikawy. “Most importantly it does not serve our members whose convenience is a priority to us at Wadi Degla Clubs,” he added.

Moreover, Wadi Degla also exhibited the prototype of the new smart app that will be launched for its members in 2016.

The app will allow members to access the club, thereby eliminating the need for membership cards.


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