Court rejects lawsuit to ban Mekameleen channel

Salma Abdallah
1 Min Read

Egypt’s Administrative Court has rejected Saturday a lawsuit that calls for banning the broadcast of Mekameleen channel, a pro-Brotherhood satellite channel based in Turkey.

Lawyer Samir Sabry filed the lawsuit, accusing the media outlet of being owned by the Muslim Brotherhood, and receives funds and aids from the group.

The lawsuit accused the channel of airing videos that are offensive to the judges, the public prosecutor, the Egyptian police, the armed forces and Al-Azhar Grand Imam.

It also blamed the channel for broadcasting fabricated videos in order to stimulate public opinion and provoke students to take part in protests and carry out acts of violence to impede the educational process, and incite instability.

Mekameleen has previously aired recordings and phone calls allegedly by senior army officers and President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.


Sabry has previously filed a lawsuit that calls for outlawing Rassd News Network (RNN), accusing the media outlet of spreading false news. The Court set 20 March to issue its verdict on RNN.


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