CPA refers 10 satellite channels to Public Prosecution in 18 cases

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Six private TV channels issued a statement on Monday to reject “threat letters” sent to them by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones. (AFP Photo)


The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) referred 10 satellite channels to the Public Prosecution to decide on 18 cases of violating Consumer Protection Law No. 67/2006, its executive regulations, and standard specification No.4841/2005, which addresses the requirements of promoting products.

The channels subject to the decision are Time Cinema, Time Film, Time Action, Time Comedy, and Time Drama, Cairo Drama, Cairo Zaman, Cairo Cinema, Panorama Drama, and Panorama Film, CPA Chairman Atef Yacoub said in a statement Saturday.

The decision was made since it was proven that these channels promoted products from unknown sources that are not licensed to be traded, which puts the lives of citizens at risk. The incidents were classified as economic misdemeanors.

While the CPA’s media monitoring centre reviewed the advertisements on some satellite channels, it found there are products being promoted that claims to restore hair density and other products called Mora Ananas, Slim Pro and Fixed Herbal Tea, claiming to aid quick weight loss, Yacoub said.

The CPA investigated these products while communicating with the Ministry of Health to know whether these products are licensed and approved to be traded or not. The ministry replied that the mentioned products are not registered with it.

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