85 ministerial corruption incidents in September: PFT

Menan Khater
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A total of 85 corruption incidents took place in different ministries and governmental offices in September, Independent Observatory Partners for Transparency (PFT) announced in its monthly report on monitoring corruption.

Among all facilities with corruption, the Ministry of Supply was accused most of corruption, with 18 incidents in September. It is  followed by the Ministry of Localities with 12 incidents and the Ministry of Finance ministry with nine incidents. The ministries of transportation, interior, health had at least six corruption incidents each, while other ministries and Egypt’s state TV witnessed less than four incidents each.

“The report is based on aggregation of reported incidents on news websites as well as contacting investigative authorities such as the Administrative Prosecution for more details on the status of the incidents,” director of PFT Walaa Gad told Daily News Egypt. The report also reviewed some of the official statements on those corruption incidents.

According to the report, the government organised several seminars to train and increase awareness of its employees in different sectors in dealing with corruption. However, the report suggests those activities are “superficial” and lack cohesion and systematic methods to measure its success in eliminating corruption.

Among the monitored 85 incidents in September, the PFT report said 60 of them are pending investigations, 14 are pending court decision, seven received verdicts, and four were not yet investigated.

Among the incidents is the widely known case of the Ministry of Agriculture which led to the ousting of its minister Salah Helal and later the entire cabinet. The case is now being investigated by the supreme state security body.


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