Sudan and Tunisia release 24 detained Egyptian fishermen

Emir Nader
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Tunisian and Sudanese authorities released a total of 24 fishermen on Sunday after the individuals were detained for breaching territorial waters, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sudan released 15 Egyptian fishermen who were detained on the grounds of entering its waters and illegally fishing, state news agency MENA reported, following the recent presidential pardon of some Sudanese citizens detained in Egypt.

The Foreign Ministry also stated that nine fishermen who were arrested in Tunisian territorial waters this month have also been released. The ministry announced late September that it was following up on the detention of 11 fishermen detained in Tunisia. It remains unclear if this is the group the ministry was referring to.

Egyptian fishermen syndicate head Ahmed Nassar said the fishermen were detained on two fishing boats for 20 days and 10 days each, Ahram Online reported.

Tunisian authorities recently filed multiple complaints of Egyptian fishermen illegally entering national waters, Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in September. Tunisia says the foreign fishermen exploit the national stock of fish, thus damaging the fisheries, and also pose security concerns regarding the Egyptian fishermen involved.

Tunisia released 15 Egyptian fishermen in August who were detained in eastern Tunisia in July for breaching the waters.

Sudan released 101 Egyptian fishermen in August who had illegally entered its waters and been detained since April. In exchange for the release of the fishermen, Egypt agreed to release 44 Sudanese detainees who had illegally crossed into Egypt.


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