Egypt to host Economic Investment Conference in November

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By Sara Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Cairo will be hosting over 2,000 business leaders and figures in an upcoming Economic and Investment Conference due to be held from 7-9 November, announced the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) in an online statement Monday.

The conference, intended to attract investment opportunities from all over the Middle East, Europe and internationally, is set to be presided over by the Prime Minister, the Chairman of Suez Canal Authority and the ministers of the Economic Group in the cabinet.

Moreover, the conference will include the participation of the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) as well as the Union of African Chambers and the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The conference further aims to attract the participation of European Union financiers and over 2,000 business leaders, and senior Arab and foreign investment figures, in the hopes of maximising international participation and promoting Egypt as a hub for world trade.

Participants will also include foreign ambassadors, heads and directors of banks and financial institutions, heads of investment and financial funds, development banks and foreign delegations organised by foreign Arab Chambers internationally.

The conference aims to educate the business community and international investors on the overall economic climate and investments polices in Egypt to establish the country as a centre for manufacturing exports, and ultimately, as a strong economic gateway to the rest of the continent.

Moreover, an agent of FEDCOC stressed that the conference also targets attracting investment towards different sectors in Egypt in the form of major projects in the Suez Canal Axis, the new capital, and projects in the sectors of agriculture, electricity and energy.

The conference comes in light of the new decisions and legislations adopted by the government to reform the investment climate in order to achieve real economic development through the implementation of an integrated system for education, training and creating new job opportunities for Egyptians.

The head of the FEDCOC Ahmed El-Wakil stressed the need to increase and take advantage of the country’s existing features and accomplishments, namely the new Suez Canal, as well the recent discovery of a major natural gas field, which he said are all proof of Egypt being on the right track.

The conference, organised over three days, will kick off with a general assembly of the Union of African Chambers, said Alaa Ezz Secretary General of the Egyptian and European Chambers.

This will be followed with meetings focused on maritime transport with ASCAME on the second day, and will conclude its last day with the African Electricity and Energy EU summit and Islamic Chamber meetings, which ensures the participation of the leaders of business and finance from more than 90 Arab, Muslim, African and European countries.

The participants will be presented with the opportunity to engage in open dialogues with the Prime Minister, and will get to participate in workshops promoting investment projects as well as meetings to review investment opportunities.


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