Civil Service Law opponents to escalate protests after Eid Al-Adha

Mahmoud Mostafa
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Saturday witnessed the first day of escalation by government employees against the newly issued Civil Services law, with the attendance of several labour syndicates in the Fustat Park in Cairo.

The Tadamon coalition of labour syndicates and associations that reject the application of the disputed Civil Service Law, said Monday it would escalate protest against the law after Eid Al-Adha.

The escalation includes plans to march to the presidency palace.

The Tadamon coalition, including more than 20 labour and employees associations, announced a gradual working plan, although not revealing specific dates, to mobilise against the law. The plan further includes collecting suggestions for a draft new law to be presented to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and to the upcoming parliament upon its assembly.

The law’s opponents had called on 12 September for a mega protest by workers and employees. However, the protest, put down by pro-state media rhetoric and hurdled by security forces, saw a low turnout.

The Civil Service Law was issued in March, shortly before the Economic Summit that was held in Sharm El-Sheikh. The new law presents a new system for salaries, hiring, dismissal and incentives, and affects approximately 6 million public sector employees.

Workers’ concerns include that the new law not only reduces the number of public sector workers, but also reduces salaries. They also expressed concern that sector leaders, whom they accused of creating “slackness”, are now, according to the new law, assigned to reduce the number of workers.

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