Al-Sisi issues decree enabling dismissal of officials at independent state institutions

Amira El-Fekki
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a decree Saturday that would enable him to dismiss officials from institutions that are independent of state interference, such as monitoring bodies.

The decision, effective immediately, was published by the state’s official newspaper Al-Wakae Al-Masriya. It stated that the president could dismiss an official from those institutions if serious evidence is found against him or her related to “national security”.

Moreover, actions that would be punished by a dismissal from the position included “the failure in accomplishing his duties, which would result in harming general interests or a senior legal personality”.

An official who becomes “untrustworthy or unsuitable for his position, except for health issues, is also subject to dismissal by the president”.

institutions that are legitimately independent from state control include judicial bodies such as the State Council, the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC), and the military judiciary.

According to the constitution, such institutions have their own independent budget, and their officials cannot be dismissed. However, all articles included in “the law shall determine the conditions and procedures of their appointment, transfer, retirement and disciplinary punitive measures”.

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