Al-Dostour Party to set elections date after Eid Al-Fitr

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Al-Dostour Party youth stormed the party's main headquarters on Monday night, starting another sit-in calling for restructuring the party. (Photo Public Domain)

Al-Dostour Party’s bid to elect a new leadership is yet to select a definite date after several postponements, as the voters’ database is still under revision.Dostour party logo

“It is better to wait and secure the elections from any possible blemishes or appeals, our gain is in a sound election process,” Samah El-Ghazawy, media officer at the party, told Daily News Egypt.

The vote to elect a chairman, secretary general and treasurer was set to take place on 26 June. However, internal disagreements over the voters’ database and some appeals on the candidates running for the elections forced the party to resolve these issues first.

The party,one of Egypt’s most prominent post-revolution parties, was faced with severe criticism through social media after the postponement, as some accused it of “incompetence”.

“The committee overseeing elections will decide on the date for elections immediately after Eid Al-Fitr [16-18 July],” El-Ghazawy revealed.

The run for replacement to the current leadership, headed by Hala Shukrallah, has four main campaigns: The “Together we can” campaign comprises the party’s most known figures such as Gameela Ismail and Khaled Daoud, in addition to the “Why not”, “Change comes through proper thinking” and “We will develop alternatives” campaigns.

The names to replace Shukrallah, the first Coptic woman to be elected to lead a political party in Egypt, are the party’s Secretary General Tamer Goma’a, Ahmed Metwally, Ahmed Bayoumi and Mohamed Al-Gamal.

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