New civil service law accelerates recruitment, promotion

Mahmoud Mostafa
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a decree Thursday approving a new law to regulate Egypt’s civil service.  The law centralises the process of recruiting public servants, also providing them with new categorisation and a faster promotion system.

The law divides civil service jobs into three main categories – specialised jobs, administrative and technical jobs and handicraft jobs.

Civil servants for the first two categories are divided into 10 echelons each, while the third category was divided into 11.

The first four echelons of the specialised jobs category does not specify a certain minimum number of years for promotion, while lower rank jobs require a minimum of three years. This represents a decrease in the number of years when compared to the previous law. The minimum number of years required for promotion in all job ranks in the other two categories is three years.

A new Council for Civil Service” will be formed according to the law, and will be entitled to provide suggestions to improve civil service across the country.

The method of recruiting civil servants in the new law maintains centralisation. The committees in charge of recruitment in every ministry, authority and body are formed by a decree from the minister or head of the authority.

The previous law will remain active without conflicting with the new law until the Cabinet issues executive regulations for the new law within three months.

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