GUC suspends classes, sit-ins continue

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The GUC Student Union started staging protests on Tuesday against the transportation department after student Yara Tarek Negm died on Monday in an accident involving two GUC busses, the union stated on its Facebook page.

On Wednesday the union scaled up the protests after attempts by university security to block students from entering the university.

The protests escalated after the university administration responded to the protests by cancelling classes for three days from Tuesday on and a consecutive attempt to block students from entering the university to join the protests on Wednesday morning. The student’s reaction was to block university personnel from entering which reportedly forced the security to give up the blockade.

The students demand questioning of the transportation department and changing the campus’ security and parking system, pointing to other accidents in which students were injured by busses. The bus driver involved in the accident has been arrested on Tuesday and is being questioned, though the student union stated they did not blame the driver, but wants the whole department to be held accountable, as they made clear via social media.

Due to the fact that the university along with the classes also cancelled the busses to and from the university, the student union started a carpooling initiative to organise transports to sustain the sit-ins.

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