Telecom Egypt completes copper cable replacement

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Telecom Egypt announced the completion of its plan to replace copper cables with fibre optic cables during March, to raise the network efficiency and provide high-quality communication services.

The company said the plan’s implementation will allow 4 million customers to receive communication services through fibre optics by the end of this year out of the current customer base of approximately 7 million.

Over 2 million customers received the services through fibre optics during the last period. The company is planning to offer the service to another 2 million customers by the end of 2015. This comes within Telecom Egypt’s continuous aim to develop the infrastructure of the communications sector.

The company said communications services via fibre optics will provide better quality and speed to high-speed internet. It will also provide marked improvement in the infrastructure of the sector, in addition to higher quality and purity in voice services.

The company added that operations may temporarily affect the service in the exchanges under development, as well as changing the numbering system of the customers.

Development works will cover a number of exchanges in areas of East Cairo, New Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, North Coast, East Delta, Mid-Delta, Northern Upper Egypt, Central Upper Egypt and South Upper Egypt.

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