Bomb injures 7 security personnel in Greater Cairo

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File photo of the aftermath of an explosion in Egypt (Photo by Mohsen Nabil / DNE)
File photo of the aftermath of an explosion in Egypt (Photo by Mohsen Nabil / DNE)
File photo of the aftermath of an explosion in Egypt (Photo by Mohsen Nabil / DNE)

A bomb went off near a checkpoint Tuesday evening injuring seven security personnel in Qaliubeya, in Greater Cairo, with two more bombs found close to a checkpoint in Qena Wednesday.

One of the Qena devices was a sound bomb, which went off, whilst the other was dismantled, both leaving no casualties, state-run news agency MENA reported.

In Cairo’s downtown, bomb experts dismantled an explosive device, which was found at a bus stop in Abdel Moneim Riyadh Square on Wednesday morning.

Another bomb went off in Fayoum close to a police station and a hospital Tuesday evening, making it the sixth bomb explosion to take place Tuesday in Fayoum, leaving one minor injury.

Several more explosive devices were dismantled Tuesday morning in Aswan, Fayoum, Kafr El-Sheikh and Menufiya.

However in Alexandria, a bomb went off killing one and injuring two others Tuesday morning as militants were on their way to plant it.

In recognition for the efforts of explosive experts, Cairo Governor Galal Saeed said that an EGP 100,000 reward will be provided to those who defuse explosive devices.

Insurgent activities, particularly targeting areas with a high security presence, have been going on in Egypt since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

Many of the attacks were claimed by militants groups operating in Egypt including Ajnad Masr and ‘State of Sinai’, formerly known as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis.

The most recent of the attacks claimed by Ajnad Masr was an explosive device that went off on the fourth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution. It occurred in the Alf Maskan area of eastern Cairo leaving two police officers injured.

‘State of Sinai’, however, operate mainly in North Sinai, with their latest explosion on 20 January targeting an armoured military vehicle. The explosion, which took place in Sheikh Zuweid, injured an army officer and two conscripts, according to the military spokesman office. However the group claimed killing “everyone inside”.

Security expert Mohamed Kadri said the situation will not persist for long, adding that it has been ongoing whilst the country moved forward on the roadmap. Egypt has achieved the third pillar, the election of a parliament, which may help with security concerns in the country, stabilising the situation.

Egypt is set to elect a new parliament before the end of March 2015.

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