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Ministry of Endowments warns against ‘Baha’i threat’

On a number of occasions, including 2009 and 2011, Baha’is in Sohag were attacked and their homes were burned

The Ministry of Endowments organised a workshop on Wednesday and Thursday to “raise awareness” amongst imams on the “growing dangers of the spread of Baha’ism,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, the workshop comes in the context of “maintaining the Islamic constants and foundations in the face of deviant thoughts that destroy the minds of young people”.

Unlike Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, the Baha’i faith is not recognised as a “heavenly religion” in the Egyptian constitution .

Article 64 – the constitution’s “freedom of belief” article – dictates that “practicing rituals and establishing places of worship for the followers of heavenly religions is organised by law”- an article that activists claim marginalises groups like the Baha’i.

The workshop, held in Abasseya’s Al-Nour Mosque, is also intended to maintain “national security and stability” as Baha’i thought allegedly “threatens Islam specifically and Egyptian society in general,” according to the ministry.

The workshop also aims to teach young imams how to respond to Baha’i thoughts and arguments.

The Baha’i faith is a monotheistic religion originating in 19th century Persia. In today’s Iran, followers of the Baha’i faith face frequent discrimination and abuse at the hands of government institutions.

Recent estimates suggest there may be between 500-3,000 Baha’is living in Egypt. On a number of occasions, including 2009 and 2011, Baha’is in Sohag were attacked and their homes were burned.

Over the summer, the ministries of endowment and culture also agreed on a joint cooperation protocol to confront religious extremism and atheism.

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  • So what exactly is the threat?

    Do Bahais attack the security forces? Do they riot and attack religious minorities? Do they seek to overthrow the government? Do they recruit young people for jihad? What do the Bahais do that makes them a security threat ??

    • Amir

      The ruling class considers everything that is different from itself to be a threat. It considers the country to be an enemy of itself.

    • JPears

      Bahai teachings including non-violence, the equality of all humans, regardless of gender, race and class, the harmony of science and religion, compulsory education, and the elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty among others do not go well in a society that perpetrates the opposite by established interests.

    • Badi19

      The Baha’is attacked the security Forces in Iran, in fact they tried to kill the the Shah of Iran in early days of Baha’i cult. This brought calamity of Baha’is.

      They riot and attacked the religion minorities, this happened in Iraq with Azalis who are Babi minorities.

      They ‘did’ tried to overthrow the government. This happened during the time of Bab who called for JIHAD against all the Muslims who refused to believe in him.

      Today they present a very rosy picture of their cult.

      Mr. Sen McGlinn, my brother. Please let the readers know about your Administrative Rights. Have they been Restored? Are you a BIGS (Baha’i in Good Standing)?

      • pisces

        Badi jaan (dear), you are correct, a young Follower of the Bab was so distraught by the persecution of his beloved, The Bab, at the hands of the shah’s court and the ruling clergy, that in a state of delirium and recklessness he made an attempt on the Shah’s life. That is correct. It is not the way Babis and Baha’is have been directed to deal with adversity…it was just one young man’s rebellion against what he saw as unjust and brutal tyranny. He was human, afterall, and we humans are full of flaws and complexities.

        Badi, you look to others to either confirm of discredit Baha’u’llah and His teachings. What does your heart say in moments of silence and reflection?

        • Badi19

          Dear Pisces and what about this :

          `Abdu’l-Bahā narrates an incident:

          When his holiness returned from Sulaymaniyah, he was strolling in the street one day with the late Āqā Mīrzā Muḥammad Qulī. A Kabob seller quietly said,
          “these Bābīs have appeared again!” The Blessed Beauty said to Mīrzā Muḥammad Qulī, “hit him in the mouth!”
          Mīrzā Muḥammad Qulī grabbed his beard and started hitting him in the head. [The man] went to the ambassador and complained. The ambassador imprisoned the man (instead of assisting him) and said, “without doubt, you must have greatly insulted the Bābīs that they hit you.”[1]

          [1] Ḥabīb Mu’ayyad, Khāṭirāti Ḥabīb (n.p.: Mu’assisiyi Millī Maṭbū`āt Amrī, 118 B.), vol. 1, p.266.


          Abdul Baha also says :

          The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayān in the day of the appearance of his Highness A`lā (meaning the Bāb) was to behead, burn the books, destroy the monuments, and massacre [everyone] but those who believed [in the Bāb’s religion] and verified it.[2]

          [2] `Abdu’l-Bahā, Makātīb (Egypt), vol. 2, p. 266.

          Please shed some light with your interpretations. Thank You.

    • Gamal Naseer

      I don’t agree with Sen McGlinn and Jpears as Egyptian I know
      there are less then 300 Baha’is in Egypt, secondly being a Baha’i for 21 years, I know it is not religion nor sects it is deception in the name of religion, for instant read holy book itab Aqdas which is full of flaws
      now even core members of Baha’i committee of Egypt started raising their voice,
      It is time to open eyes and see how few Iranian by the name of religion want to get Baha’is killed and then make useless international cries.
      “Oneness of Mankind” ” Independent Investigation of Truth” are lucrative tools to attract masses, try doing Independent Investigation and ask few question to your NSA you get instant reward.
      Gamal Naseer

      • Badi19

        SEN is not a Baha’i in Good Standing. He is only a Card Carrying Baha’i. For some reasons his administrative rights have been taken off.

  • sam enslow

    ‘Christian, Jew, Muslim, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery and not to be judged.’
    —Jalal ad Din Muhammad Rumi

    ‘Your daily life is your temple and your religion.’
    —-Kahil Gibran

    One Muslim, one Christian. Both seem to disagree with the Ministry. Sectarian hatreds will only end when all faiths are accepted. Forced religion becomes not a matter if the heart and soul but a cloth worn for public show.

    Then there is Quran 2:256.

  • Donald Schellberg

    According to the article there are 500 to 3000 Baha’is in Egypt out of a country of 83 million. A more fundamental question is why they have a fear of a group that is committed to peace, that prohibits violence, that avoids partisan politics, and obeys the laws of the land where they reside. I think that deep down, in a more fundamental and psychological way, they actually accept the Baha’i Faith.

    “Thou hast asked Me concerning the nature of the soul. Know, verily, that the soul is a sign of God, a heavenly gem whose reality the most learned of men hath failed to grasp, and whose mystery no mind, however acute, can ever hope to unravel. It is the first among all created things to declare the excellence of its Creator, the first to recognize His glory, to cleave to His truth, and to bow down in adoration before Him.” Baha’ullah

    • qiaohan

      “These fruitless wars, these ruinous strifes will surely pass away, and the Most Great Peace shall come.” Baha’u’llah

    • Badi19

      Sorry Donald. Read this article by Jeffrey Goldberg who is an Orthodox Baha’i. You cannot hide your hypocrisy anymore.

      Hatred is not of GOD


      • Donald Schellberg


        You are actually using the word hypocrisy incorrectly. The definition is “the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.”

        The Baha’i writings are very clear regarding the institutions. Baha’ullah appointed Abdul Baha as the Center of the Covenant(head), Abdul Baha appointed Shoghi Effendi before his passing(1921). The terms of the last will and testament of Abdul Baha are crystal clear and unambiguous. Shoghi Effendi died in 1957. He did not have any descendents so according to Baha’i writings, no more Guardians of the Baha’i Faith. We democratically elect the National Spiritual (every year) and the Universal House of Justice every 5 years. The decisions of the Baha’i Faith are reached by consultation of the respective institutions (local spiritual assembly, National Spiritual Assembly, and the Universal House Justice). Once they have reached a decision it is the duty of every Baha’i to abide by that decision. This is clearly and unambiguously specified in the writings of Abdul Baha. So we are entirely consistant. To act any differently would be hypocrisy. The guidelines were clearly and uambiguously set down and we follow them.

        • Donald Schellberg

          And this from the writings of Abdul Baha.

          Every one of the friends should highly praise the other and each should regard himself as evanescent and as naught in the presence of others. All matters should be consulted upon in the meeting and whatever is the majority vote should be carried out. I swear by the one true God, it is better that all should agree on a wrong decision, than for one right vote to be singled out, inasmuch as single votes can be sources of dissension, which lead to ruin. Whereas, if in one case they take a wrong decision, in a hundred other cases they will adopt right decisions, and concord and unity are preserved. This will offset any deficiency, and will eventually lead to the righting of the wrong.

        • Badi19

          Please read the article by Jeffery Goldberg. I again say Baha’ism is the epitome of Hypocrisy. Please reply after reading it. Thank you.

          • Donald Schellberg

            I have read it. Clearly, the man is not a Baha’i. He took some of the teachings, combined it with his owned and called it the Baha’i Faith.

            One of the number one killers of the world is sectarian divides. Millions died in the Catholic/Protestant split. Millions died and are still dying due to the Sunni/Shiite split.

            I have read some of the teachings of these alleged Baha’i sects and some of the teachings are really spurious. I saw on one web site where it was claimed that Franklin and Eleanor Roosvelt were secretly Baha’is which was totally untrue (the president was a Protestant).

            Consider what would happen to me if I started a soda company using the Coca Cola label and packaging. Instead of the coke ingredients, I put together an awful concoction that tasted horrible. Do I have a right to do that? Of course no, I would be arrested and imprisoned.

            Or suppose I created a very bad operating system and used the microsoft label to market it, causing millions of computers to crash. What would microsoft do?

            Mr. Goldberg is entirely within his rights to form his own religion with any ideas of his chosing. He can even borrow ideas from the Baha’i Faith. He just can’t call it the Baha’i Faith.

          • Badi19

            This is the same reply that they give to the Heterodox Baha’is or the Khanumist Baha’is (Followers of Ruhiyyih Khanum). I mean the Ruhi’i’zed and Haifanated Baha’is. Please check this article :


            They say you all (Haifans) are Bad Operating System and they are Genuine Microsoft. They even claim that they won a Court-case in the United States. I don’t know much about this… please put some light on the Court Case. Thank you.

          • Donald Schellberg

            Court rulings are legal but not necessarily morally and ethically correct. In any case, they must be obeyed.

          • Badi19

            My dear Donald, Ok they must be obeyed so you all are obeying. Thank you.

            And please shed some light on the Court Case and how you people as Haifan Baha’is see the humiliating defeat by Orthodox Baha’is in United States. And what other cases are going on against different splinter groups that call themselves real Baha’is and term you all as Covenant Breakers. I think this prosecution was carried out on the orders of UHJ. So how you justify the Infallibility of this Supreme institution when the case was lost and it was very Humiliating for you all – as claimed by the Orthodox Baha’is.

            Thank you again.

          • Donald Schellberg

            The concept of infallibility is related to the concept of unity.

            Abdul Baha states Whereas, if in one case they take a wrong decision, in a hundred other cases they will adopt right decisions, and concord and unity are preserved. This will offset any deficiency, and will eventually lead to the righting of the wrong.

            This concept applies to the Universal House of Justice.

            What is fallibility? What is the correct decision that depends on the free will of 6 billion people, all influencing one another’s lives. What might be the correct decision in one second, might be the incorrect decision the following second. A seemingly incorrect decision might really be the correct decision because of its impact on that sea of wills.

            You look at the law suit in very simple terms, win or lose. Losing a suit does not mean you are wrong. Trademark violations are difficult to assert for religious organizations in the US constitutional framework because of second ammendment(freedom of religion) issues. The Baha’i Faith is unique because of all the world religions, it is the only faith whose institutions are clearly defined by the founders. The organizations of all other faiths grew completely adhoc and are only based very indirectly on scripture. This is why it is so hard to apply trademark issues regarding the Baha’i Faith, it has no precedent. The lack of precedent, however, does not mean its wrong. The concept of trademark protection is still relevant in this case.

          • Badi19

            Ok Thank you. So this Supreme body is NOT absolute Infallible. How come these 9 intelligent Men whose decision is said to be influenced by the will of God took such a foolish step. How can they call religious symbols to be TRADEMARKS!?. Is Baha’i faith doing any type of trade with someone. Anyway… thank you for your so nice replies.
            By the way where can I get the details of the Court Case for study.
            Thanks once again.

          • Donald Schellberg

            You will find your answer in the Holy Koran, The Surih of the Cave.


          • Badi19

            “And the criminals will see the Fire and will be certain that they are to fall therein. And they will not find from it a way elsewhere.” (Surih of Cave – Verse 53)

            Bye – Have a nice day.

  • Badi19

    This Guy – Mirza Hossein Ali Noori – is Manifestation of God. LOL.

    He gave himself the name “GLORY OF GOD” (Baha’u’llah) . he also claims that he is :

    Sender of Prophets, Imam Mahdi, Imam Husayn, Jesus Christ, the one who spoke to the Moses on Mount Sinai, the Avatar of Lord
    Krishna, Buddha, Lord of the Lords, Return of Bab and Return of Mohammed the list continues….

  • Badi19

    Sen McGlinn, Donald, Pears and all Baha’is here see this video. It is very helpful to both the Baha’is and Non-Baha’is alike. Thank you.


    • pisces

      Dear Badi, I shall answer you this one. It is a topic of great consternation for many, but I have always seen it as a natural requirement of the times. I begin with deep trust in the Faith, and Shoghi Effendi has told us that the wisdom of this requirement (that only men shall serve on the Universal House of Justice) shall be as evident as the noonday sun! Looking around I see brilliant, steadfast and wise women as there are men, so this is not based on the abilities or attributes of women. We are also told that one day soon, when all political and military efforts fail to bring peace, the kings and rulers of the world shall ascend the steps to seek consult with the body of the Universal House of Justice. Since many of these kings and rulers come from cultures which do not recognize the equal station of women, they will be deterred by their own narrow mindedness and prejudices from accepting the counsels of the UHJ, and reject the path to the much longed for peace.
      And the ruinous wars and calamities continue longer.

      • Badi19

        Dear Pisces, I can understand your argument regarding equality of Women. Although I know it is merely a play of words and nothing else.

        The reason for posting this video here is not what you understood. Please check the video again… listen from 5:17 to 6:30. What do you say on this ?

        • pisces

          Dear Badi, the speaker was speaking of the innate differences in the characteristics of men and women…is this to which you refer? It is true that men aren’t women with different plumbing and that women are not just men with their plumbing inside instead of outside.
          It is a difference that the 20th century feminists tried to argue out of existence…alas, but nature persists! Yes, I do perceive that differences of the natures of men and women, and that in essence we are equal.
          Is this what you are pointing out?
          May I ask, what do you think of this?

          • Badi19

            Dear Pisces, I think you did not get my point. The speaker (Baha’i Scholar) 5:17 to 6:30 speaks something like “In the future UHJ may ATTACK SOME COUNTRY and Baha’u’llah did not want this orders of War to be given by the women.” What do you say on this?

            My words are not exact but this is what I understood from that’s scholars speech.

            Please give your thoughtful interpretations on this.

            Thank you.

      • Badi19

        And do you believe that Mr. Baha’u’llah is the sender of all the Prophets. And he was the one who spoke to Moses on Sinai?

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