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Court claims no jurisdiction over religiously affiliated parties

Verdict in Alexandria issued after fourth trial session for case

Alexandria Urgent Matters Court ordered Wednesday it had “lack of jurisdiction” over a lawsuit filed against political parties founded on a religious basis.

The lawsuit aims to prevent the parties from participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The lawsuit was filed by legal adviser for the Popular Front against the “Brotherhoodisation” of Egypt, Tarek Mahmoud, in September under Article 74 of the constitution. The article states that all citizens have the right to form political parties as regulated by law. However, it adds: “No political activity may be practiced and no political parties may be formed on the basis of religion or discrimination based on sex, or origin, or on sectarian basis or geographic location.”

Mahmoud added that he will look into filing a rapid appeal on the court’s verdict, to protect the new parliament from dissolution after being deemed unconstitutional for violating the article.

The court has decided on its lack of jurisdiction after the fourth trial session for the case.

The lawsuit targeted eleven parties including Al-Nour Party, Al-Asala party, Building and Development Party, Al-Islah wa Al- Nahda, Misr Al-Qawia, and Al-Wasat party.

A similar case was filed against the Salafist Al-Nour Party to Cairo Court of Urgent Matters. The case aimed to ban the party from running the elections, however, the Court’s “lack of jurisdiction” was also quoted in this case.

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