Morsi’s presidential spokesperson sentenced to 6-month imprisonment

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Morsi spokesperson Yasser Ali released on Wednesday
Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali gave the official response to allegations of human rights abuses in Egypt made the day before by Amnesty International Office of the Presidential Spokesman
Yasser Ali, former spokesman for the presidency under ousted president Mohamed Morsi
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The Cairo Misdemeanour Court sentenced on Saturday Yasser Ali, former spokesman of president Mohamed Morsi, to six months in prison.

Ali was convicted over charges of covering up, both financially and logistically, the escape of former prime hinister Hesham Qandil.

Ali was Morsi’s campaign manager and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party media committee in the 2012 presidential race. After Morsi’s electoral victory a presidential decree was issued to appoint Ali as a presidential spokesman.

He was arrested on 31 December 2013 from an apartment in Dokki, Cairo, and was eventually transferred to Tora Prison.

Qandil was arrested a week before Ali and was reportedly caught on a “mountainous path” with a smuggler while attempting to flee to Sudan, the Ministry of Interior stated following his arrest.

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