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Hamas responds to proposed Gaza buffer zone

Hamas official says buffer zone supports Israeli blockade, harms Palestinians

Hamas official Osama Hamdan said in a television interview Sunday the proposed Gaza buffer zone in the Sinai Peninsula would “support the Israeli blockade of Gaza’s border” imposed since 2007.

“The buffer zone with Gaza’s borders only increases the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for years, and strengthens the case of incitement against the Palestinian people,” a statement released on Hamas’ official website read.

Hamdan added that the imposition of the buffer zone has “nothing to do” with security in the northern Sinai Peninsula, saying that Hamas is keen on keeping good relations with Egypt. Hamdan also restated the need to put pressure on the Israeli government to end the land, air and sea blockade of the Gaza Strip which has been imposed since Hamas took control in 2007.

Hamdan’s comments came a day after Egyptian TV personalities endorsed the proposed buffer zone, despite it allegedly displacing Egyptians living near the border with the occupied strip.

An army spokesman denied plans to create a buffer zone, adding that Hamas officials should not interfere with Egyptian affairs.

Khalid Arafat, an activist and leading member of the Nasserist Al-Karama Party, responded to calls for the buffer zone saying: “Displacement is a measure that the enemies of the state want.”

Sinai-based human rights activist Massaad Abu Fajr  condemned calls to relocate Sinai residents.

“Any displacement means the Egyptian state is declaring war on the Sinai local tribes,” said Abu Fajr on his official Facebook page.

The move comes shortly after two attacks on army personnel Friday that left 30 dead and 31 injured. On Saturday, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi accused unspecified “foreign elements” of supporting the attacks, adding that such attacks “are aiming to break the will of the Egyptians”.

Al-Sisi met with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) after the attacks and stated that “the current war is a conflict of survival, where we are fighting for the return of the Egyptian state and its institutions”.

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  • Hate MB

    Fuck Gaza!!!
    And Fuck maszaad Abu fajr for Trying to create a conflict between the government and the residents of Sinai!

  • Reda Sobky

    These people are the enemies of Egypt and have always harbored hatred and jealousy towards its people. If they are saying this then it is probable the opposite is what Egypt needs. It is Hamas that has no regard for the bedouins turning their space in Sinai into a war zone. Sinai belongs to Egypt and will never be relinquished to them or to anybody, it is where the blood of martyrs of the highest order was spilled by the mercenary facists of Hamas and those who are duped by them. Hamas does not deserve the treatment of neighbors at all.

  • Richard Barnes

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