Child injured in North Sinai explosion

Menan Khater
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A nine year-old boy was injured in an explosion that hit Sheikh Zuwaid, North Sinai on Friday.

“The boy was messing with an explosive item near his home, which caused an explosion,” said the Ministry of Interior spokesman.

The official did not disclose the hospital in which the boy is held.

According to the official, there exists no proof of earlier reports regarding this incident, which claim the the explosion was meant for Sheikh Zuweid officials by anonymous militants.

Located at the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula and sharing borders with the Gaza strip, the Sheikh Zuwaid town has witnessed a relentless crossfire between radical Islamist troops and Egyptian armed forces over the past few months.

The interior ministry and Egyptian military have reported over 400 casualties from both sides, including civilians in North Sinai, between January and August.

According to local residents, the Egyptians armed forces personnel in Sinai are currently tasked with extensive raids against any suspect militant figures, in attempt to retain security to the area.

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