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Detained female activists refuse NCHR delegation

Sanaa Seif and other detainees refuse to meet NHCR delegation, say other inmates subject to more abuse

Sanaa Seif was arrested for protesting against the Protest Law (Public Domain photo)
Sanaa Seif was arrested for protesting against the Protest Law (Public Domain photo)

By Jihad Abaza

Sanaa Seif and other detainees in Qanater prison refused to meet the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) delegation Monday, saying that other detainees are subject to more abuse.

Leila Sweif, Sanaa’s mother, said that the detained activists decided to delegate Yara Sallam (award winning rights activist who is also detained) and Salwa Mehrez to inform the NCHR delegation that if they want to know the reality of the situation in prison, they should be meeting other detainees who are in much worse condition and experience more abuse.

Karima El-Seirfy, daughter of Amin El Seirfy, has spent over thirty days on hunger strike in protest of mistreatment inside Qanater Prison. El-Seirfy was was arrested from her home last April, an arrest her mother said was to pressurise her father, a close affiliate of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

El-Seirfy’s hunger strike came after prison guards ordered cellmates to beat her and her colleagues and steal their belongings, said El-Serify’s mother at a solidarity conference on 20 June.

“The Islamist girls are subjected to a lot of abuse, and they should be getting visits from the delegation,” Sweif added, referring to Sara Khaled, Karima El-Seirfy, and other Al-Azhar students detained in Qanater.

State-run Al-Ahram said the 30 June fact-finding committee met with detained Yara Sallam, and claimed that she confirmed that treatment inside prison was “very good.”

“No one goes to visit an exceptional detainee whose conditions are known to be better to get a general view of how conditions are like inside prison,” Sanaa said in a message conveyed by her sister.

According to the campaign Al-Horeya Lel Ged’an, there are currently over seventy female political detainees in Egypt. Most detainees are students from Al-Azhar University arrested during clashes on campus in 2013. Sanaa and her colleagues were arrested at the Itihadeya Palace and are charged with violating protest law.

The NCHR delegation included George Ishaq, Shahinda Muqalad, Ragia Umran, Kamal Abbas, Salah Sallam, and Nevine Mosaad.

Mosaad said the delegation did meet with Sara Khaled, a dentistry student charged with protesting and is sentenced two years in prison, as well as Yasmine AbdelMoneim and El-Seirfy.

On 23 June, 12 human rights and civil society organisations, including the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, released a statement condemning the torture allegations coming out of Qanater prison.

The report said that “none of the cases were investigated,” and called for their immediate investigation.

The Ministry of Interior denied that cases of torture or abuse took place inside the prison.

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  • Reda Sobky

    This is the moment when abuse during incarceration must end. There has to be a straight up commitment from President Sisi to end this here and now. It is one of the core demands of revolution and your insistence on respectful treatment of all citizens should extend to this situation too. There is no room in civilized discourse for the threat that anybody can be subjected to this kind of abuse upon suspicion or even upon conviction as it does nothing but harden and embitter the arrested and confirms in their mind the negative feelings they already have. Good things that are happening are thus obscured and overshadwoed by of these kinds of violations. It has to stop once and for all and President Sisi needs to give this guarantee and he will always be remembered for it, no more torture, no more mistreatment and no more sneaky behavior such as setting one prisoner to beat another. If we don’t behave to that standard, who will, when if not now, at the moment of change. The moment has arrived for us to reclaim our high moral ground by this and social justice activities in general so that this beautiful revolution can carry this well rooted nation to the level of civilization which becomes it and its history. It is a happy feeling to imagine an Egypt without sexual harassment and mistreatment in the justice system-that is real, tangible, palpable, noticeable, improvement any President can be proud of.

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  • Truth..

    They get what they deserve! Protest all the time everywhere. It must stop now! At some point there must be an end to the chaos! They deserve every minute in prison!!!

    • SayItAsItIs

      I would like to see how you feel once you have endured half of what these ladies have. The truth is that you are bigoted moron who wouldn’t the truth from propaganda or have the ability to reason.

      You mean the chaos sponsored by the army and Mubarak’s henchmen?

      They are champions compared to idiotic despot loving morons like you. At the least they are willing to put their life at risk for what they believe in. I can’t see you ever doing that dear sycophant.

      • Truth..

        SayItAsItIs! You fool all want is to create a chaos! You just want to see Egypt burn. Unfortunately, you will never win! Retarded persons who YOU ​​think you are doing something noble, but the only thing you are doing is creating more hatred towards you. You do not think the public is tired of your shit? You are confusing democracy with anarchy! Democracy does not mean you have the right to protest, destroy and disrupt the infrastructure as soon as you do not get what you want! Long live Al Sisi, the military and police. May God protect these proud men who protects Egypt from terrorists and protesters fools! Hats off to Mukarak that got terrorists to shake to hear his name and kept Egypt at peace for 30 years!

        • SayItAsItIs

          What public? the public that is being tortured and killed at random by your mafia military and police.

          You purport to speak for the well being of Egypt while you kill its brightest and imprison its hope.

          You have no dignity no respect. You would rather Egypt become the whore of the sycophants of the gulf, from the Saudi’s to the hypocrite emirates. You have sold Egypt to the lowest bidder. The thieves and thugs of the NDP and Mubarak’s henchmen.

          You have handed your nation to a terrorist like Al-Sisi and you speak of chaos? Chaos is what you have chosen to go back to. You have sold the dignity of your nation to the lowest bidder.

          What Egypt say you? The Egypt that rapes its women in the streets? the Egypt that rapes its women in prisons? The Egypt that dishonors its mothers? The Egypt that massacres its people in their most sacred locations their mosques and churches? That is the Egypt that the Mafia Military, NDP and Al-Sisi have brought you.

          Go and celebrate in the streets because now you have brought the nightmare and given it your presidential palace. Egypt is nothing more than a footnote in Africa and a whore to the sycophants of the Gulf.

          • Truth..

            YOU are a lost whore! A TRAITOR! A DOG. It is because of people like you, women are raped, by your protesting day in and day out, you give criminals the chance to take advantage of these opportunities! Never mention al sisi with your dirty mouth! Pigs like you, want Egypt to end up in the same situation as syria! You can forget about it!! It will NEVER happen. TRAITOR!

          • SayItAsItIs

            So you now worship Al-Sisi? You are a demented human being. Seek help, it seems the patients are running the asylum.

            Is calling me names meant to make feel bad? coming from you it is an honor. The last thing I would want to be is, to be praised by sycophants such you.

            You are an apologist for the most appalling of criminal acts. You make excused for criminals who kill, rape and dehumanize upright citizen. The likes of you are the negative drag that keeps dragging Egypt back to the mud pit of corruption and brutal terrorist dictatorship.

            Al Sisi, Mansour and the rest of the NDP and Mubarak men are nothing but terrorists and you are a sycophant who worships terrorists. The likes of you do not need a Mosque or a Church, you need police stations and military basis where you can worship the criminal mafia enterprise that the Egyptian security services have become.

            You dear sir/madame are an apologist criminal, who has sold their nation to the terrorists of the Egyptian Security services , the rapists of your mothers, your sons and daughters. You are the worst of the worst, the likes of you in history were the guardians of the ovens of the Nazis. The traitors who sell their nation to the lowest bidder.

            The likes of you would not know of truth, if it came and slept next to you each night, you are worse than a cow at least the cow knows when the sun sets and not to eat its own children.

          • Truth..

            I’m done with you and listening to traitors. The only thing I wish is that you end up in the same prison as your beloved heroes, where you can sit and rot together! May God and the military always protect us from people like you!!

          • Truth..

            It shows that you who commit these protests are criminals and rapists because it’s on your demonstrations it occurs!!

  • Andrew Cohen
    • Truth..

      Andrew Cohen Rabaa El adawiya, Does not mean shit! The bastards sitting there armed with automatic weapons and more and asserted that it was entirely peaceful? They started shooting at the police and the army, what will they do wave back and start dancing? Fuck MB!! And fuck those who say they were slaughtered and fuck those who say that they have the right to protest .. MB should be wiped out period!

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