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Egypt gears for Al-Sisi’s inauguration as foreign delegations arrive - Daily News Egypt

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Egypt gears for Al-Sisi’s inauguration as foreign delegations arrive

Heads of states and foreign delegations land in Cairo for the Sunday ceremony

Egytpian troops stand guard outside the high constitutional court in the capital Cairo on June 7, 2014 one day before the swearing in ceremony of president elected and ex-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Sisi, who ousted Egypt's first freely-elected leader, will be sworn in as president tomorrow after he overwhelmingly won last week's election, state media reported.  (AFP PHOTO / KHALED DESOUKI)
Egytpian troops stand guard outside the high constitutional court in the capital Cairo on June 7, 2014 one day before the swearing in ceremony of president elected and ex-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Sisi will be sworn in as president tomorrow after he overwhelmingly won last week’s election.

Heads of state, ministers and diplomats are arriving in Egypt to take part in the inauguration of president-elect Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Sunday, as the country prepares for the Field Marshal’s swearing in.

One of the first delegations to arrive was that of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who arrived at Cairo International Airport accompanied by a high level delegation, state-run MENA reported.

Iraqi Vice President Khodeir al-Khozaei arrived to take part in Al-Sisi’s inauguration on Saturday afternoon, the German Press Agency DPA reported.

More delegations are set to arrive, including the US and those of several Gulf states, state-run MENA reported. On Saturday evening, the United States’ delegation was scheduled to arrive, headed by State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon, and will include an official from the Department of Treasury and David Thorne, senior advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry.

Top Gulf officials scheduled to arrive on Sunday morning, include Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and deputy commander of the Emirati armed forces, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The Gulf trio has pledged billions in the form of grants, deposits and petroleum products in assistance to Egypt since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi in July.

Oman’s Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said will be represented by an official delegation headed by the personal representative of the Sultan, Assad bin Tariq Al-Said.

Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom arrived on Saturday.  Other delegations from Africa include Mauritania’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Ould Teguedi who represents President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. Teguedi arrived in Egypt in the early hours of Saturday, DPA reported. Djibouti delegated Islamic and Cultural Affairs and Endowments Minister Adam Hassan Adam, who has already arrived in Egypt, to represent the country in the inauguration. Mohamed Al-Arabi Ould Khalifa, chairman of Algeria’s People’s National Assembly, the Lower House of Parliament, will also attend the inauguration.

As a special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, arrived in Cairo on Saturday.

French Ambassador to Egypt Nicolas Galey will be representing France in the ceremony; state-run MENA reported citing Roman Nadal, a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry.

Secretary General of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Sindiso Ngwenya has arrived to partake in the inauguration, as officials from several other international bodies prepare to land in Cairo.

Abdelwahed Radi, president of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, an international organisation of parliaments founded in 1889, was scheduled to arrive Saturday.  So are Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Iyad Madani and Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani, expected to arrive Saturday evening.

Al-Sisi was announced president last week, after winning 96.9% of valid votes, totalling 23,780,104, beating the only other contender, Nasserist politician Hamdeen Sabahy. The cabinet on Thursday announced that Sunday, the day of the inauguration, would be a public holiday. A source at the Ministry of Interior’s press office said security forces from the police, army and republican guards will be taking part in securing the day. Security forces will mainly be creating traffic detours.

During the ceremony, the president-elect is set to take the oath-of-office before the Supreme Constitutional Court.  His supporters have scheduled a number of celebrations leading up to Sunday to mark the occasion.

After Al-Sisi’s victory, countries and international bodies were quick to congratulate the former defence minister as well as to recommend the adoption of reforms and guarantee rights.  These include the European Union, which said it trusted that Al-Sisi would tackle “serious issues” including economic problems, “deep divisions within society”, security, and “the rest of human rights of all Egyptian citizens…”

While the White House said it is looking forward to work with Egypt’s president, it did share a set of concerns and called for reforms. The United Kingdom also said it is looking forward to work with Al-Sisi’s government but added that it looks to the president-elect to “take steps to implement the rights contained in Egypt’s constitution.”

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urged Egyptian authorities “to strengthen democratic institutions and practices.”

Arab countries and bodies the other hand expressed their congratulations while revelling in Al-Sisi’s victory and expressing trust in his ability to lead the country. Officials from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Morocco, and the Arab League and Gulf Cooperation Council issued such congratulatory messages.

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  • Egyptian and Proud

    GOD BLESS EGYPT and our elected president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi

    • Bittertruth

      “Sisi was officially proclaimed the new Egyptian president and this was supported by the West. The low turnout, the fact that younger voters and several significant political actors like the ‘April 6’ movement and Muslim Brotherhood boycotted the elections, while the others had to go to the polling stations in an atmosphere of intimidation, are simply ignored………..” RT Erina

      • Egyptian and Proud

        It’s obvious that you are unaware of events on the ground, there was no intimidation the only threat was the random unsuccessful attacks of the muslim brotherhood terrorists on Egyptians, as they tried but failed to ruin the voting process, which indicated the will of the people in the end. The turnout was great, included all factions and age groups, but then of course if you’re a Muslim brotherhood follower then you’re free to believe what you want,

        • Observer

          The turnout was not great. Who are you trying to convince? Mubarak killed 800+ Egyptians in a few weeks and gets off and instead the democratically elected president is jailed? Egypt is the laughing stock of the world.

          • Egyptian and Proud

            A turn out of 25 million is great. Morsi is part of a quasi terrorist group the muslim brotherhood whose mission was to abolish Egypt and turn it into a refuge for terrorist groups under his facist rule.Did you know that Bin laden was a member of the muslim brotherhood. Surely you were witness to the Muslim brotherhoods, burning of churches, random and targeted bombings, snipper shooting of citizens, violent demonstrations. Mubarak with all his extensive faults was never a traitor to his country and is presently serving a prison term. It is very easy to observe from a distance while Egyptians were terrorized by the Muslim Brotherhood during Morsi one year of rule.

      • Silence Dogood

        Its unbelievable how “low turnout” is continuously being used by Western Media when elections in their OWN countries are not really setting a record in turnout either. America had an average turnout of 55% for presidential elections between 2000 and 2012. The UK had an average turnout of 60% for the general elections for the same time period. I am not saying that the 47% in Egypt is acceptable but stop criticizing the turnout when your own countries are not really doing that much better. And give me a break; every election in Egypt after 2011 has been boycotted by some political faction. Political factions disagree so they boycott and then cry later – of course if you boycott your opposition is going to win: there is no one voting except them! It happened in the 2011 referendum, second round of elections in 2012, 2012 referendum, 2014 referendum, and finally now in the 2014 election.

    • Observer

      What choice did you have you fool? Under the boot of the military you pathetic worms. This Junta will not last. The world is laughing at you.

      • decs

        Of course Not! We dont laugh at them…we are amaze of the Egyptian people who get rid of The terrorist! Can”t fool all the people in the world..we know who really care and whose burning the country.Good luck Egypt!

        • Egyptian and Proud

          Thanks, your support and clarity on the truth is appreciated,we’re looking forward to rebuilding a great country and a bright future for the generations to come.

      • Egyptian and Proud

        Pathetic, I do sympathize with the ignorance of others, sad as it is. Keep on ranting…

  • Albert Brooks

    Egypt will benefit greatly from the peace and stability provided under President-Elect Al Sisi. I am hopeful his regime will be successful in bringing economic growth to Egypt, which is essential to long-term benefits for the Egyptian people.

    • omega pal

      Im afraid to tell u that hope of stability will never happen in that atmospher of ‘the force oppression of a law’.emdemic corruption in elite and army and justice are the signs cleary indicating u will lunghish under El sisi if u did not stand up now and clean your sodomized brain by your Egypt media.What program or plan El sisi did lay down during campagn? None.Gulf donor will help of short term.But Mubarak crony are already taken everything in the position of revenge than to correct themselves.So El sisi program just to destroy opponents won’t help him after simulacre election.If at moment u benefit from situation do not come here lie to us.Be wise and open your mind.

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  • Bittertruth

    “what we see is that there is a very vague definition of democracy in light of how the West understands it. Actually, this is just a word used by officials to explain all their devastating policies, fomenting of the conflicts and selling all the military campaigns to people. The elections in Egypt are just another example of how the wishes of people were betrayed and their voices were made silent by force, while the scale of Western hypocrisy breaks all records.”

    Irina Sukhoparova, RTh

    • Egyptian and Proud

      Please stop watching Al jazeraa

      • Truthlover

        I have yet to hear any Sisi supporter acknowledge that he, like Morsi will fail, for the simple reason that he speaks to only one section of society and ignores all others. Besides, frankly whoever becomes president of Egypt is doomed to fail, as the society itself is too politically immature (we haven’t had ‘politics’ since the king) and uneducated in pluralism to accept differences of political opinion without resorting to violence. May be in another 100 years perhaps. Sad to say, but true none the less.

        • Egyptian and Proud

          Spare us your negativity, Egypt will succeed . As for resorting to violence isn’t that the Muslim brotherhoods agenda.

      • Observer

        What do Egyptians watch? Oh yeah there really are no freedoms in Egypt anymore.

        • Rania Elmasry

          What do you know about Egypt,Mr know it all ؟

          Stop showing us how ignorant you are !

          • Egyptian and Proud

            Well spoken !

        • Egyptian and Proud

          I’m sure we read alot more than you could fanthom, and aren’t too close minded to read various opinions. As for freedoms we don’t have a lack of it, 2 revolutions in 3 years. Cultural and political depth comes naturally to Egyptians it’s too deep rooted to comprehend, lets say part of our genetics, we’ve been around for a very long time.

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  • decs

    Im really happy for the aEgyptian people.Congratulations for getting rid of the MB and God help your new President the challenges his facing…of course with the help of the people itself….the magic word Work which everyone should do.

    • Egyptian and Proud

      Thank you for your positive message, now that the Muslim brotherhood nightmare is over, Egyptians are a looking forward to working hard, supporting the new president, and enjoying a good life ahead

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