Political activists released on bail

Rana Muhammad Taha
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Al-Salam Prosecution released on Wednesday political activists Ahmed Abu Zeid
and Nesma Yousuf after the two spent several days in detention.
Abu Zeid was arrested on Saturday while giving a literacy class in the informal
neighbourhood of Madinat Al-Salam. He was accused of spreading false news and
threatening witnesses. Yousuf was arrested the next day when she was in court to
show solidarity with Abu Zeid.
Yasmin Hosam, the pair’s lawyer, said Abu Zeid had been delivering a class to
residents in the neighbourhood when they shared with him their aspiration to
organise a protest.
Abu Zeid told them it is their right to organise protests, but advised them to abide by
the Protest Law and notify the concerned authorities first, Hosam said. The widely
controversial Protest Law, approved in November, requires organisers of any public
assembly to notify authorities of their plans at least three working days in advance.
“One of the informants in the neighbourhood accused him of inciting against the
police and the army,” Hosam said. He was released on an EGP 5000 bail.
Yousuf was apprehended as she was taking photos with her phone inside court,
Hosam said. Youssef was accused of misusing means of communication and also
threatening witnesses in the case against Abu Zeid.
The Popular Socialist Alliance Party criticised on Monday Abu Zeid and Yousuf’s
detention and called for their immediate release. The party condemned the post-30
June policies against protesters and revolutionaries, noting the strong arm of the
interior ministry, which “has expanded in its excesses” to “ambushing ordinary

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