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New Ethiopian dam won’t affect Egypt’s water supply: minister

Minister Mohamed Abdel Moteleb says a new dam in Gondar will not affect water flow to Lake Nasser

Egyptian Water Minister Mohamed Abdul Muttalib arrives at a meeting in Khartoum to discuss an Ethiopian dam project on the Nile River with his counterparts from Sudan and Ethiopia on December 9, 2013.  (AFP PHOTO/EBRAHIM HAMID)
Egyptian Water Minister Mohamed Abdul Muttalib arrives at a meeting in Khartoum to discuss an Ethiopian dam project on the Nile River with his counterparts from Sudan and Ethiopia on December 9, 2013.

The construction of a new dam in Ethiopia will not affect the supply of water flowing to Egypt, said Egyptian Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources on Saturday.

Construction on the Megech Dam, located near the Ethiopian city of Gondar, began earlier this month and has been allocated funding of approximately USD $125m, according to privately-owned Ethiopian Walta and its Information and Public Relations Center. The dam is planned to hold 1.8 billion cubic metres of water when it is constructed, and will be used for irrigation purposes and drinking water for Gondar.

The effects of the dam have already been studied, said Egyptian minister Mohamed Abdel Moteleb, and have been presented by the Ethiopian government as part of one of the projects included in the eastern Nile Basin Initiative, an initiative that all Nile Basin countries have agreed upon.

Abdel Moteleb added that studies of the dam conducted by Egypt demonstrated that it would not have an effect on the volume of water flowing to Lake Nasser, south of the Aswan High Dam.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Sunday that nine foreign policy working groups, comprised of intellectuals, experts, and leaders from inside and outside the ministry, met to discuss Egypt’s water security in the presence of irrigation and water resource experts.

A statement issued by the foreign ministry said the groups discussed “not only how to maintain Egypt’s historical legal share of water, but how to increase it to meet requirements for development”.

They also addressed “sources of potential threat and how to deal with them in order to preserve vital Egyptian interests and safeguard the national security of the country”.

The talks hosted by the foreign ministry are part of a larger framework in which the working groups are scheduled to address other topics related to Egypt’s foreign affairs.

A delegation from Egypt, which will include Abdel Moteleb, plans to join Sudan and Ethiopia delegations in January in Khartoum for a third round of talks to agree on the formation of an experts committee.

This committee will be tasked with overseeing the implementation of recommendations made by the International Committee of Experts, who have studied the effects of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam, which Egypt fears could affect its share of Nile water.

Abdel Moteleb also announced that another study on the effects of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that will be completed between six months and one year, and will be referenced heavily throughout upcoming discussions.

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  • Fikru

    Even if it reduce it reduce the amount of water, what are going to do?

    • abebe

      U are big idiot. I’m ethiopian. We are not like that we respect your neighbour and we promote peace in Africa. Shem on u.

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  • Berhan Bezabih

    Egypt to recognize that All Nile-Basin Countries have agreed each other to do what is good for there respective countries. So for Egypt recognize that is a very good start.

  • jemal

    Egyptian Music, Egypt is given to Nile river, but God gave Nile river to Ethiopia, by transitivity law, Egypt is given to Ethiopia. Dear Egyptian you have no alternative , only agree to the condition of Ethiopia. Why you constructed nile river without consulting with Ethiopia. . We don’t recognize your greedy political dam . It is not our headache whether your political dam reduced or not. Only we use our share of Nile river. Still we have used 4% of Nile river. Use your ground and Mediterranean river

    • Fuck Arab

      fuck egypt

      • abebe

        U are big idiot. I’m ethiopian. We are not like that we respect your neighbour and we promote peace in Africa. Shem on u.

  • Massay

    The Moment of Truth has come! The physical reality should be accepted by Egypt. Egyptians talk about water security saving their ground water, while Ethiopians struggle for Food security! Intimidatition and negotiation is not a path! Only win-win! Let us for get the past at catch the future!After all any option is legitimate for Ethiopians-including dieing for this cause!

  • feven1

    It is mind boggling how any sane society would put it’s hope of survival on the failor of others..In this case Egyptians seem to insist Africans should remain backward in order for Egypt to prosper..It may be understandable but I am not sure if it is sustainable in a fast changing world….I guise the sooner Egyptians realize the inevitable, the more sypathy they will get from fellow Africans, hoping Egypt consider itself part of African union..perhaps Egypt needs to deal with it’s identity crises first..

    • Fuck Arab

      Ethiopian do not understand ; Sharing is not part of islam. Leave alone to share with Christian Ethiopian they can not spare their own people. Did you not see killing their own people in 1000s because they sat outside peacefully. In Islam it is Haram to share anything with Christian. Ethiopian never listen this, you will understand later. Never expect humanity from Arab. Ethiopians are so ignorant and they think Arabs are human being? that why is Ethiopians are going to the middle east and they are hanging themselves. Tell to the Arabs to go to hell We will fuck them with the language they understand. Never, never, expect good from them. I am saying with 100% . Arab = islam – = evil.; You have no right; the water is ours. Go and drink your sand and take sand shower. Idiots, selfish, backwards, devils. If there is devil, it is Arab dogs. Fuck off from my country. We will crush with all your damn dams. Try anything we will show u who we are. I do not want even hear about this dogs anymore. Fuck you Arabs.

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  • ZakSai

    Egypt is trying to be ‘ modern day colonial viceroy’ telling which project in Ethiopia can or can’t be implemented. Egypt should come to its senses and respect Ethiopia and its ‘ sovereign right’ over its own resources, water being the most important one. Egypt has so many wealthy Gulf buddies which supported it to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. About time to try to desalinate any of the two seas to fill in the gap resulting from any future use of the nile waters. The Gulf is awash with trillion of dollars and they love egypt, Egyptian soap operas and movies. Leave Ethiopia alone. Ethiopia is an impoverished, but compassionate Nation, it will take your interest seriously but will do everything to use its resources how ever its sees fit.. Unlike Egypt, it doesn’t have billions coming from idiots in the Gulf. For once, you can use the ethiopia card’ to squeeze billions more from these retards.Egypt hustled billions from the Yankes and will keep on doing so from any fool willing to open his or her pocket book. That is ‘good news’ for Egypt.

  • no name

    add comments

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  • abebe

    I really ashamed of my Ethiopian brothers, when I read the comments they left here. To be honest all African should unit no matter what religion or race they are that includes My brothers in Egypt they are our brothers which link us through history.
    There one thing we dont understand, which is the war which is happening at present in this world is different from war in the past. Today’s war is through out the world is economy war. To keep up from world market. Most of African countries are way behind from the world market almost too late for them to keep up, the only way out from this mess we have to be United as one. work together not against each other.

  • abebe

    Peace and one love.

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