United States remains economically committed to Egypt: US State Department

Sara Aggour
1 Min Read

USAID logoThe United States confirmed its commitment to helping Egypt’s economy succeed in a keynote speech given at the ALROWAD conference for small and medium enterprises, according to an official statement issued by the US embassy on 5 December.

The ALROWAD programme is part of a broad and robust economic relationship that the US has been building with Egypt.

“Small and medium enterprises play an important role in driving economic growth and job creation, and growing a business takes teamwork and lifelong learning,” said Mary C. Ott, Mission Director of USAID in Egypt.

“The professional communities created through this project will help small and medium enterprises grow and thrive,” she added.

Over the past two years, USAID grantee ALROWAD has launched professional communities that work with businesses to improve their skills, increase revenue, create jobs and use technology to grow their businesses.

Earlier last month, Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Bahaa El-din was set to meet with senior officials from the Foreign Trade and the Treasury Department and USAID regarding the economic cooperation between Egypt and the US and “to discuss a future stimulus plan”.

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