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Frenchman dies after Egypt police cell beating - Daily News Egypt

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Frenchman dies after Egypt police cell beating

The man, described as a teacher, was put in a cell at the central Qasr Al-Nil police station, where he was attacked by his cellmates and later died of his injuries, the officials added.

AFP – A French citizen died after being attacked by cellmates in a Cairo police station, where he had been detained for breaking a night-time curfew, security officials said on Tuesday.

Police arrested the man in the upmarket Zamalek neighbourhood of the capital for violating the nightly curfew in force since the launch of a deadly crackdown on Islamist supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi on 14 August.

The man, described as a teacher, was put in a cell at the central Qasr Al-Nil police station, where he was attacked by his cellmates and later died of his injuries, the officials added.

Six cellmates are being kept in custody as part of an investigation into “bodily harm resulting in death,” a judicial source said.

A post-mortem found that the Frenchman died from “internal hemorrhaging” and a “skull fracture,” the security officials said.

The victim did not have a valid visa at the time of his arrest, the security officials said. The French embassy said he was a long-term resident of Egypt.

The embassy added that it had asked for clarification from judicial authorities of the circumstances of the man’s death and was still waiting for a reply.

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  • Reda Sobky

    This is the kind of stuff that really hurts abroad. Silly errors and grave consequences. A person died because, what? He was taken to jail and murdered. If you want to know the first thing that needs to change in Egypt now, it is this. There will never be any success for Egypt while random deaths due to bad judgement in official circles continue to occur like this. Was this guy a security risk? no, then why do this and now end up with an in custody death that looks staged. The police need to come into the 21st century and realize that either the job will be well done or their status in society will not improve. I think everyone responsible for imprisoning somebody under circumstances such as these should be made somewhat responsible for this outcome should be made to feel the heat as it was a bad judgment decision. Shame on this and those that caused it to happen, you are not friends of Egypt.

    • sam enslow

      And there go the French tourists for a couple of years. Egypt continues to shoot itself in the foot. They send delegations telling people that their citizens will be safe in Egypt. Another lie. This after every Western nation has been insulted by a xenophobic press, called beer drinking, bikini infidels by clerics who went unchallenged, and who are apparently wanted only for their money. No one in Egypt cares. Eveyone seems to forget that there are other places with monuments and many other activities which welcome tourists, treat them fairly, and welcome them and want to know them as people – not just as cash cows.

      • Ingunn

        Really, are western tourists in bikini called infidels by suppressing conservative authorities in Islam!? And beer drinking also,…in Egypt they have Berel, it’s beer without alcohol, no doubt. People disagree on the fact it’s beer. On the bottle it says, carbonated flavoured water. It’s a misleading use of language.

    • Ingunn

      I agree with you, it’s a shame. No wonder other counties do not recommend their citizens traveling to Egypt! It is dangerous. The tourist industry should direct their frustration to their own authorities,….which I understand can’t handle anything. The police force a gang of bullies, the military…..hope they work hard on the new road map and not start to feel too comfortable in their new position.

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  • Mohy

    This is all wrong, yet no one should break the curfew! Casualities occur in such circumstances and it might even be hard to get the victims right. Those are hard times for all of us so again curfews must not be broken, to be safe. When u break rules all over z world, consequences will result.

    • sam enslow

      When police fail to care for people in their custody, consequences occure. One consequence was the 25 of January Revolution. When will Egyptians stop attempting to justify the unjustifible? Will any policemen be punished for allowing this to happen? No.

    • Scotty

      What a typical Egyptian point of view! In a civilized country one does not get beaten up in police custody. Egypt should be held liable for this and be punished!

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