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Three dead and 36 injured in Friday’s Islamist protests

Thousands marched in response to the call

Islamists march on "Decisive Friday" protests (Photo by Ahmed AlMalky/DNE)
Islamists march on “Decisive Friday” protests (Photo by Ahmed AlMalky/DNE)

Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi protested again on Friday, in demonstrations across Egypt, decrying the state’s violent dispersal of the Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda sit ins.

Protesters in Cairo gathered in Nasr City at Iman Mosque, where dead bodies were transported after the Rabaa dispersal on 14 August. Other protesters met at Al-Istikama mosque in Giza and Al Salam mosque in Nasr City.

Clashes occurred between protesters and security forces in Giza Square after the protest from Istikama Mosque set out. The Ministry of Health announced the death of one person in clashes between security forces and protesters in the city of Zagazig, Sharqeya, and the death of another in Port Said.

Marches headed to Roxy Square and the Itihadiya presidential palace in Heliopolis. Marches also headed to Gameat Al Dowal Street in Mohandessin.

The ministry of interior had previously announced the closure of certain metro stations as well as roads leading to Tahrir Square, Itihadiya and Rabaa Square. The army blocked the roads however protesters made no attempt to break the cordon.

A protest in Maadi marched from Rayan Mosque towards the Constitutional Court on the Nile Corniche.

Protesters held posters of a four fingered palm, representing Rabaa, which means fourth in Arabic, and denounced the “coup” and chanted for Morsi’s return.

Around Egypt other protests occurred in Helwan, Alexandria, Beni Suef, Fayoum, Gharbeya and other cities.

The National Alliance for Legitimacy, which includes more than 11 Islamist parties, unions and Morsi supporters organised the protests.

As of 7.30pm, protesters were defying the curfew and facing off against security forces near Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque on Gameat Al-Dowal Street in Mohandessin, Giza.


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  • Werner Gessner

    when will they all come to their senses in this senseless actions as only the egyptian people are suffering further…

    • wellitdont

      If you read my other comment you will see Egypt is heading for years of civil war, maybe the outside world should care more, we are only on this planet for around 70 years, why do we need to kill each other, why not have a decent happy life, and leave the next generation with the same, not with hearts full of hate. No other animal on the planet do what we do, and we have the neck to call ourselves civilised

  • wellitdont

    Today at 11.30am i spoke with Andre who is secretary to the Russian ambassador in Dublin Ireland, i asked him why the Russians do not back the Americans, especially after chemicals weapons were used on innocent people, his answer was with a question, did i know for certain chemical weapons were used, and if i did, did i know for certain who used them, and of course i said no. But he stated the Russians wanted the exact same thing the Americans wanted, and that is a peaceful solution, and he stated talks will have to begin, and he said the opposition do not want to talk, and he also stated that Syrian government were elected legally, and over 50% of the people voted for them. But where they differ from the Americans, they see that interfering in Syria will only make matters worse, just like what happened in Iraq and Libya, but he advised me to understand they will all have to sit down and talk, and until that happens it does not matter what the Americans do, the killing will go on until the Syrian people learn to live together, and that one group of people do not need to have power over an other. What is needed is peace and harmony love and understanding and of course caring for other human beings. By the way i am only a very ordinary person with no political leanings. And maybe that is why he spoke so openly to me, and so frank.

    • Scotty

      The Russinas cannot back the Americans because Putin is an illegitimate dictator like Assad. It is very simple.

  • Mohamed Abdallah

    The numbers of martyrs are not accurate , there is 6 killed from the Ahrar movement only , and also the headline of the article also is not accurate , they are anti coup rallies more than Islamists ,the fact that not all the Anti coup are Islamists but all the islamists are Anti coup and this is the confusion that the local media want to convince us with this lie …,we are in worst time of freedom and trusted media I had ever seen , repression and kill become a habit in Egypt and alot of people become preferring death on life like what we live here in Egypt including me , I don’t care if I get a bullet and dead in any of these marches , with all this upsetting ,there is still a candle of hope found in our youth .

    • Ebrahim

      You are right. They speak about islamist rallies, while the islamists are only part of the demonstrations. Even this Egyptian news journal is not accurate in their reporting. Congratulations, the organisators were able to mobilise such huge demos to send to the oppressors a clear message , especially in Alexandria.

  • Scotty

    I went today to Mohandeseen (defying the curfew9 and watched the Moslem Brotherhood attacking the army. First just some green lasers, then tires where burnt and out of the smoke shots were fired at the army. So far for peaceful protests

  • Ibn Misr

    Your cameramsn is unbelievable, he breathes lies.

    • Sammyb

      Say what?

  • abdul .a. shaiky

    IT IS NOT THE SOLUTION.!!… street politics that strated by secular forces.
    Now is the time for multi party elections.
    Christian democratic part, secular democratic party, Islamic democratic party and Muslim brotherhood party then we WILL see who wins.!!!

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