Tarek El Zomor elected new secretary general for Building and Development party

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By Mahitab Assran

The Building and Development party, the political faction of Al Gama’a Al Islamiya, elected Tareq El-Zomor as the party’s new secretary general on Thursday, also electing members for the party’s high commission.

El Zomor, who was previously head of the political bureau of the party, won 232 votes. He ran against Safwat Abdel Ghani, the current head of the parliamentary commission of the party, who only managed to garner 108 votes.

Tarek El Sherif, the party’s media spokesperson, said that party members would be present today and tomorrow in front of the Raba’a Adaweya mosque, demonstrating in support of president Morsi.

El Sherif also added that they denounce Tamarod’s demand to “seize power,” although acknowledged Tamarod’s peaceful methods, saying, “we must wait for a peaceful hand over of power after 3 years, which will be constitutional and democratic”.

He also stressed that any demonstrations starting from today must be “peaceful and free of any clashes”.

The Building and Development party is the political faction of Al Gama’a Al Islamiya and was previously led by Alaa’ Abul Nasr.


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