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Egypt and Saudi Arabia hold joint military training exercise

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are holding training exercise focusing on mutual defence and technical training

People in three different governorates have adopted the idea of giving signatures to notaries to demand that the army runs the nation. (AFP Photo)
The Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Saturday that it will participate in joint combat training with Saudi Arabia
(AFP Photo)

The Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Saturday that it will participate in joint combat training with Saudi Arabia. According to an official statement by the army spokesperson, the soldiers departed to participate in the Tabouk 3 joint training exercises, comprised of infantry, artillery, armour units and air defence weapons from both nations.

The statement said the training falls within “the framework of the keenness of the Armed Forces on the integration of military relations and the exchange of experiences” with friendly neighbouring countries. Special Forces are also participating in the training, which will take place over the next several days.

The training is said to also focus on raising the technical competence of the troops and the tactical training of army officers and commanders. The training will also focus on the training of offensive operations and mutual defence between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, “which will contribute in achieving the highest level of efficiency and combat readiness”.

Egypt is also working on establishing joint training exercises with Turkey, after a military delegation was sent to Turkey on Sunday, headed by Commander in Chief Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi

The joint training programme comes at a time when the United States and over 30 other nations plan to hold naval exercises in the Gulf, set to begin on Monday. The International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCME) is a multilateral exercise “with the widest possible regional and international participation to examine, practice and develop mutual maritime activity across the region to preserve freedom of navigation and promote infrastructure protection”, according to its mission statement.

Representatives from the IMCME could not confirm whether or not Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Iran would be participating in these Gulf exercises

The US has also chosen to deploy a new prototype laser weapon outfitted onto an amphibious transport vehicle in the Gulf, said to be effective against light patrol ships and drones.

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  • Gaaraa

    “The reason we chose to build the largest dam in
    Africa is to show to the Egyptians that if we are successful with this grand
    dam, nothing will stop us from building many other smaller dams over the blue Nile”. The dead Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles, in a
    speech to the Ethiopian parliament.

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ILWYNjR4-TQ#!

    This quote from the deceased Ethiopian dictator’s speech is a clear indication ofEthiopia’s sinister long term plan to control the Blue Nile. I share Egypt’s concern and anger over Ethiopia’s rush to build Africa’s largest dam on the Nile. This dam should be stopped before it is too late. Egypt can do a lot of things to sabotage and scuttle the dam’s work. Ethiopia is a divided and weak empire sitting on a powder keg with worsening internal civil wars. It is a dying Empire that was kept together by force. There are two main competing and irreconcilable interests in the empire one of which are a terminal threat to Egypt’s interest on the Nile;

    The first group of interest that is holding the empire hostage is that of the Habasha ethnic group, (primarily Amharas (21%) and Tigres (5%) who rule Ethiopia alternately). These two ethnic groups have never considered themselves as Africans citing their fair skin compared to black Africans as their ancestors had also participated in slave trade. Whenever they see black Africans they still refer to them as “Baariaw” means a slave. The Amharas, ruled Ethiopia until they were overthrown by their arch rivals the Tigrians who are currently ruling Ethiopia with an iron fist. Currently, the Amharas are working hard to come back to power. The Amhara and Tigre, although they fight over power, always displayed the same ambition: maintaining the Ethiopian empire and making it not only a power that will continue to oppress the Southern colonised people of Oromo, Somali and Sidama etc but also making it into a dominant power in North East Africa. Since the news of Egyptian threat was aired, all websites affiliated to this group are abuzz with the call for putting aside their rivalry and confront Egypt. The Habashas always regard the Arabs, primarily Egypt and the Sudan, as their historical enemies and dream of one day building a mega dam over the Nile and use it as a weapon against Egypt and the Arabs. In 1983 I heard one Habasha teacher glorifying one ancient Abyssinian (former name of Ethiopia) king who he said had threatened Egypt to block the Nile if Egypt didn’t stop mistreating the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Then, he concluded that “one day if not us, our children would be able to build a mega dam over the Nile that we will use as a weapon against the Arabs”. He said the Arabs have oil and Ethiopia will use its water to force Egypt and the Sudan to submit to Ethiopia’s interest. The second group of interest on the rise and gaining momentum is the colonised people of the South whose primary interest is to dismantle the Ethiopian (the only black) colonial empire and form their own independent states. This group comprises of Oromos who constitute 45-50% of Ethiopia, the Ogadenis, Sidamas, Affars etc. They have no interest at all in the building of the so-called Grand Dam over the Nile. They do not want the “Greater Ethiopia” that the Amharas and Tigres want which will maintain its lordship and oppression over them. The Oromos, led by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) have been fighting this criminal empire for several years now. So, too, are the Ogadenis, led by the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).

    In view of the above, the Egyptian leaders should understand that Habasha (Amhara and Tigre) interest and their version of Ethiopia is a polar opposite to the Egyptian interest over the Nile. These two ethnic groups are the cruelest, uncivilised and inhumane creatures that dream to also oppress Ethiopia’s neighbours such as Somalia, Sudan and Egypt. Therefore, Egypt must support the Oromos and the Ogadenis if it wants to secure its interest over the Nile foreternity. Help us dismantle the criminal entity known as Ethiopia.

    Death to the Ethiopian Empire

    Free Ogadenia
    Free Oromia

    Here is evidence that Ethiopia has already been diverting Blue Nile water reducing it to a trickle. See for yourself:


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