Tourism in the news: Giza signs tourist development protocols for Bahariya oasis

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The governorate of Giza recently signed a cooperation protocol with the Public Authority for Tourist Development to study and review strategic plans for tourist development services in the Bahariya oasis region. The protocol aims to identify ways to promote the region as a promising development area to private sector investors.

Ali Abd al-Rahman, the governor of Giza, stated during the protocol’s signing with General Tariq Sad al-Din, president of the Authority’s executive body, that the area up for discussion would include 1,467 acres to be sold to private sector investors. Of these, 264 would be suitable for investment in the Jabal al-Maisera region, 33 in Al-Shalihat, an additional 670 suitable for investment in Al-Kilo 305 along the Bahariya oasis road, with an additional 500 ready for investment in the Al-Kilo region.

This territory was part of a larger government plan looking to set aside 21,000 acres for tourist investment.

Al-Rahman added that the Bahariya oasis is a region with a promising future as it possesses vast human capital and a wide range of natural resources, including mountains, valleys, palm dates and olives, in addition to over 400 cold and warm sulphur springs, the latter of which could be used to promote medical tourism. The region is also home to a number of Pharoanic, Roman and Coptic monuments and relics.

Al-Rahman said that 33 acres within the Al-Shalihat region had already been set aside for medical tourism.

General Saad Al-Din stated that he will soon hold a joint workshop with government officials working in the province and specialists in the tourist investment sector. The goal will be to create a team to survey the regions up for discussion, identify viable projects and propose them to investors working in the private escort.

The signing was attended by the vice governor’s Osama Sham’a, Mahmoud Ashmawi and secretary general Mohamed al-Sheikh.

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