8 April officers released

Hend Kortam
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A cartoon from the Supporters of April 8 Officers Facebook page. (PUBLIC ACCESS)

The 8 April military officers who have been kept in military prison for taking part in protests have been released on Wednesday.

Sana’ Sa’ad, the mother of one of the five officers, confirmed that her son Mohmaed Wadi was released.

Their release had been expected for some time because they had been taken to a hospital in Ma’adi for “psychological rehabilitation”.

Nisrine Yousef who has lobbied for the release of the officers with the Movement of the Supporters of the 8 April Officers said the release came suddenly, even though it was expected once they were taken to the hospital. “There were five officers and one recruit called Sayed Mady…. Mady is the only one left behind,” she said.

The 8 April officers include around 30 military officers who took part in protests in support of the revolution in April, May and November. Most of them took part in a protest on 8 April 2011 dubbed the Friday of “trial and cleansing.”

Activists and the officers’ families have repeatedly contacted officials and even international organisations demanding the officers’ release.

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