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Migrants in Tripoli stage hunger strike, demanding better protection by UN

Strike took place as conflict in Tripoli shows no sign of slowing

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Israel is putting detainees in conditions that lead to their slow death: Palestinian ambassador

Ambassador Al-Shobky expressed the state's solidarity with strikers and their demands

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Activists launch online campaign in solidarity with UWK member Sayed ‘Moshagheb’

Moshagheb went on hunger strike, protesting violations during detention

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Kurdish politicians declare hunger strike to protest Ocalan communication ban

Kurdish politicians announced they would begin a 50-person hunger strike if communications…

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India’s ‘Iron Lady’ Irom Sharmila to end hunger strike

She has been on a hunger strike for 16 years seeking the…

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El-Massry, 6 other detainees continue open-ended hunger strike

The detainees started a hunger strike in solidarity with a detainee who…

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Political activist Hamdy Keshta announces open-ended hunger strike

Keshta was arrested in a demonstration protesting the transfer of Tiran and…

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ESDP to organise solidarity day with detainees on hunger strike

The political party will also hold a seminar to discuss the Red…

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47 young detainees from islands protests declare hunger strike

The hunger strike is in response to unjust sentencing, say detainees

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