Mubarak men to get retrial

Liliana Mihaila
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Former Minister of Information Anas Al-Fekki and former head of state TV Osama El-Sheikh will both be offered retrials. The Court of Cassation made the decision during a Monday meeting, reported MENA.

Previously, Al-Fekki had been sentenced to seven years behind bars and El-Sheikh to five.

The judge at the time stated that Al-Fekki squandered public money and El-Sheikh was brought up on similar charges stemming from a case involving the purchase of soap operas at inflated prices. El-Sheikh had been cleared in a previous corruption case.

Lawyer Ahmed Yousry said that this is not unusual, “you can ask for a retrial, anybody, not just a minister, anybody can ask for a retrial.”

When asked about the timing of the retrial, he said that the event would mainly serve as a reminder to the people of Egypt that many former regime members are now under lock and key. “I don’t think they can be released though,” added Yousry, “they are too corrupt.”

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