Pharmacists reject price cuts

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By Basma Tharwat and Nourhan Yasser

The Pharmacy Owners’ Division (POD) of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has rejected a price modification resolution from the Ministry of Health. A statement by the Egyptian Pharmacists Syndicate (EPS) required pharmacy owners to implement resolution 499 of the Ministry of Health regarding medication pricing.

Adel Abdel Maksoud, Director of the POD, said pharmacies will not implement the new medication pricing system, nor will pharmaceuticals distribution companies implement the additional price cut included in the new pricing law.

He noted that the EPS statement places both pharmacists and pharmaceutical distribution companies in conflict with pharmaceutical companies, and that the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries (CPI) filed charges against the Ministry of Health to annul resolution 499 regarding medication pricing.

Abdel Maksoud said the POD will not accept the measures because the new pricing does not take into account the burdens on pharmaceutical factories, nor does it allow for pharmacy owners to profit.

The POD will meet with Director of Central Administration for Pharmacists Affairs Dr. Mohsen Abdelalim to address the issue, Abdel Maksoud said.

He noted that pharmaceuticals factories called on the Ministry of Health to determine medication pricing taking account of all the costs of manufacturing, starting with inputs and ending with packaging. It was unfair to calculate the profit margin based on medication prices in other countries, he said.

Mohamed Elbehy, Vice President of the Chamber of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Industries, said that the EPS is a separate entity from the chamber, and it can issue resolutions and statements if it is convinced they are sound.

Elbehy criticised CPI’s stance and its action in filing charges to annul resolution 499, noting that there are other methods to reach a consensual solution.

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