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West eases pressure on Mynamar while attacks on minority Muslims continue - Daily News Egypt

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West eases pressure on Myanmar while attacks on minority Muslims continue

While the West praises Myanmar's reforms, the nation's minority Muslims continue to suffer

A Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar, who tried to cross the Naf river into Bangladesh to escape sectarian violence, looks on while kept under watch by Bangladeshi security officials after disembarking from an intercepted boat in Teknaf (Photo: AFP)
A Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar, who tried to cross the Naf river into Bangladesh to escape sectarian violence, looks on while kept under watch by Bangladeshi security officials after disembarking from an intercepted boat in Teknaf (Photo: AFP)

As the US continues to ease economic pressure on Myanmar, authorities continue to commit atrocities against the Rohingya minority within their borders.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Myanmar President Thein Sein on Friday telling the president Myanmar was open to American investment .

While still pressuring the president to do more to expand democracy she praised the nation’s reforms, ‘‘We’re excited by what lies ahead and we’re very supportive of President Thein Sein’s economic and political reforms,’’ she said.

Her words might seem ironic to those currently working to free ten humanitarian workers from the United Nations and international NGOs detained in Myanmar since Friday.

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said  three UNHCR employees were among those detained. Speaking at a news conference in Yangon on Thursday, Gutteres stressed that little was known about their situation. The three UNHCR employees are Myanmar nationals.

At least one of the ten has legal charges filed against them, though Guterres said he was unaware of any charges and more information was still being gathered.

Aid workers working in Myammar are warning of an escalating humanitarian crisis in the western part of the country as military works to isolate near 80,000 displaced Rohingya into squalid camps. President Thein Sein, requested last Wednesday that the UN assist in resettling nearly one million Rohingya from his country abroad, a sort of mass deportation request which the UN denied.

According to rights agencies, the majority of relief workers focused on the plight of Rohingyans in Arakan province, where the aid workers have been abducted, have either been evacuated or have been forced to flee the violence in the last month.

Indeed, Rohingyans have been forced to flee the violence themselves. In early June, the Burmese military fired on a boat carrying refugees who were returning to Myanmar, killing nearly 50 people.

In addition to the violence, rates of malnutrition among the Muslim Rohingya, “ continue to rise dramatically” according to Tarik Kadir of Action Against Hunger.

Observers say both the Rohingyan and Arakanese carried out acts of violence during a month of rioting in June, but as recognized citizens of Myanmar, the Arakanese have largely been spared the brunt of the fallout from the Myanmar military.

The rioting was sparked by the rape and murder of an Arakanese woman. Three Muslim men were charged with the crime and in retaliation Rohingyans were attacked and several villages burned.

The Guardian newspaper reported an interview with a resident of northern Arakan Province, who described witnessing in the last week men and children as young as 12 being tortured in a police station before being “handed over” to youths in the station who burned their “testicles with a cheroot [a Burmese cigar]”  and also hit “young Muslim detainees with an iron rod,” as they pushed “a wooden stick in their anus.”

Saiful Huq, a Bangladeshi photo documentarian who has been trying to capture the stories of the beleaguered Rohingyans for four years now, said the plight of the people has been under reported.

By telephone he told the Daily News Egypt about some of the stories that have moved him to follow this important situation.

He described meeting a 17 year-old boy who had to leave behind six friends shot by Myanmar military as they tried to flee to Bangladesh. He eventually crossed the Naf river alone, a perilous journey, ending up in a camp in Teknaf where he met Huq.

The government of Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens, despite their claims to the land in Myanmar’s Rakhine province that dates hundreds of years. A 1982 law declares that Rohingyans are not citizens of Myanmar. They have been accused of being ethnically tied to neighbouring Bangladesh and are diminutively called “Kalar,” a slur against their darker skin. However, Bangladesh does not recognize the Rohingya, largely leaving them to take shelter in the homes of people in towns like Shahburi Dib, where they are largely left stateless.

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    Westeren human rights does not include Muslims.!! It is not only MYANMAR,Every where in the world.
    Now they are shouting for CHEMICAL VEAPONS in Syria same as Massdistruction in IRAQ.They do not want to negotiate peace in muslim world. Pakistani atom bomb, Afghani’s attact on usa(9/11) Osama BUT NO HUMANRIGHTS ON AMERICAN BOMBS ON

    • Anwar khan

      I totally agree that the so called human right organisations only work for non muslims. that is a gross human right violation by them.I find no words to condemn it. shame for inhuman human right organisations.

    • Peace Lover Myamar

      Dear Everyone,

      I’m a Myanmar. I love peace, stability, fairness.

      Myanmar people had been naturally empathetic about wars and terrorist attacked victims, through war between countries, or through various terrorist attacks.

      As you are kind enough to take care about Myanmar- our country incident, let me involve in explaining few about Myanmar incident.

      I had read about Aljazeera article above. Not want to say much. There can be lots of different news versions, opinions, truth and fakes on internet and media sources, including the news channels.

      In Myanmar, some are thinking wrongly that it is a religious based incidents, and Rakhine people are the attackers. IT IS NOT TRUE. IT IS LIE.

      In Myanmar, if u really want to know what really had happened (is happening), I really suggest humbly to PAY VISIT. For Rakhine, our northern west region incident, it is totally ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ISSUE’, not any ethnic or religion based riot. Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh border area broke the laws, and attacked, killed and destroyed the real citizen
      (whoever who are not Bengali-alike appearances, i.e. Rakhine, Myanmar, Hindu, and Westerners would also be killed if they were (are) there) and the property. Then, their networks in the international widely gave the information oppositely. What I’m telling is truth. I really would like any of you to pay visit to our country, and access the situations. Unless you are a real unbiased person, who loves the fairness, the truth, you will get a conclusion. You might not be allowed to visit there
      (the incident region- Rakhine) as there are still fears of terrorist
      attacks, mostly by Bengali. But, at least you can observe the situations in other parts, directly talking with local people, including native MUSLIMs in the main land. The native MUSLIM ARE OUR NATIONALS and we had been living together peacefully since long time ago. I really sympathize the real poor vulnerable refugees among the Bengali illegal immigration populations. However, some of them were (and are still) like terrorists. Whoever you are poor or rich, black or white, easterners or westerners, citizens or illegal immigrants, if you do the criminal acts, breaks the laws, wouldn’t you be treated according to the law? The complexity of politics and nasty
      tricks involved in sorrowful Rakhine incidents, and most of them, now we learn, were rooted from Bengali extremists and some ‘big gangs’ behind them, who can reach up to international stage. Right now, in Rakhine state, real local people are living with fear when the Bengali illegal immigrants terrorists would come and attack. (Just few days ago, in the
      capital of Rakhine ‘Sit Tway’ town, the university students and teachers were nearly attacked by Bengali attackers.)

      And terrorists do not want us to become one new emergence democratic country friends with western and other international democratic countries. They feared that to death very much. So, they would (and are now trying) try to stop that, destruct that as much as possible. They want to blackmail Myanmar by giving the world false information.

      You can’t be compensated for breaking law, just because you say you are poor. The real poor people would not act like terrorists, killers. We have many Karen refugees in Thailand. We can’t break the law, (and should not, of course) of Thailand. We have many Legal migrants in Singapore, and when we are there, we have to follow the rules of S’pore.
      Myanmar in USA have to follow rule of USA. We just hope ‘rule of law’ (the real ‘rule of law’ which would protect the people)

      If you really LOVEs the TRUTH, pls analyze carefully by yourself. There is ONLY ONE TRUTH, and God knows it. The people involved in know it. If we are directly involved (on the spot while the incidents are occurring), we would know the truth. But, human have weakness, and can’t know the truth, and can’t judge the most fair way all the time. And that is why the judgement system, law system comes to exist.

      I really wish and hope there would be fair inspection of what happened in Myanmar-Rakhine incident. And the world would know clearly what is true and false. I really hope so.


      Thanks to everyone who really loves peace.

  • arif

    muslim are not terrorist but terrorist arew attacked the muslims, ,,,,,,,

    • Peace Lover Myamar

      I’m really happy to hear that as I, personally, also believe that any specific true religious persons, Muslin or Buddhist or Hindu or Christian or Jew or . . . are NOT terrorists.
      Every religion teach us to do good, to do PEACE, to LOVE.

      God and Peace be with you, everyone suffered in sorrowful incidents in the world, everyone regardless of any ethic and religion and nation.

  • arif

    islam is a very very nice and simple religion ,in islam no terrorist ,some body attack the muslim or non muslim it is very bad ,please peace needed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    please reading quran islam is not permission to 1st attack

    • Peace Lover Myamar

      I’m a Myanmar. I love Peace, Development, Stability.

      I’m really Glad to know your opinion that you love peace. I never thought any specific religion or ethnic is bad. I have many muslin friends in my country since my childhood to till now around me. We were very sad to hear about the current Rakhine-Bengali illegal immigrant incidents.

      If you want to have more explanation from our side, you can please go and see my reply to Mr. ABDYUL.A.SHAIKH above.

      Thanks for your care for the world peace.

  • When a President of a country said “Rohingya are not his country citizen,” Imagine how much these Rohingya people sufferred in the hand of his staffs and military. Military and staffs got licen to kill these people.


      GOOD MASTERS, IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, LIBYA AND NOW IN SUDAN AND SYRIEA. what a,, joke of human rights.!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peace Lover Myamar


      I’m a Myanmar. I love Peace, Development, Stability for all people.

      What our President says is true, as majority of Bengali (named as ‘Rohingya’) are just from Bangladesh, and illegal immigrants. That is why it is NOT religious related, ethnic related issue, but ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT related issue at first hand.

      Second, the Rakhine people (the local ethnic) are not the attackers, but the truth is opposite. I’m not saying in just ‘DEFENSIVE’ act, but the truth.
      Nowadays, in the globalization era, both truth and false information, news are spreading to us, right? So, the most sure thing is ‘Paying visit to the incident site’ by yourself. (Sorrowfully, under the state of emergency, u (also us) wouldn’t be able to go to Rakhine state yet.)

      For bit longer view of mine, you can please go see my reply to Mr. ABDYUL.A.SHAIKH.

      Thanks for your care for the Peace for everyone, I hope.


    In 1962, Burmhaies killed so many muslims and burned their businesses.
    They were all Burmahies bor citizen of Bhurmah and were living there for centuries.Same as palaestanians.

    MAYAMAR is creating a new terrorist organization in side MAYMAR.
    It is a nature and religion teach them to fight to all aggressors. It is their duty.

    • Peace Lover Myamar

      Dear Mr. ABDYUL.A.SHAIKH,

      I Accept that in 1962, there were very sorrowful killings and destroying lives and properties of PEOPLE.
      But, I DO NOT Accept that it was Religious-based incident. In stead everyone suffered from that Socialist-dictatorship starting era.

      And, Let me humbly and FIRMLY Say that it is NOT Religious-based incident right now under the new government. Some Illegal-Immigrant rooted issues exist, but it is NOT Religious-based. Our real nationalities- Buddhists or Muslims or Christians or Hindu or Any other religion or Non religion are living together, since long time ago, and till now. Sometime in timeline, some bad sorrowful unrest moments might have happened, but they were caused by a handful of bad guys, but not of the whole REAL MYANMAR PEOPLE. U can please check that with our real Muslim nationals in Myanmar.

      1962 (it was the Coup lead by some military generals, you know who, I think) is, of course, UNforgetable and shameful moments, and start of the downfall of Myanmar (Burma at that time). It is the DICTATORSHIP that did that, but not the people nor the CURRENT CHANGING GOVERNMENT. In our country, 1962 is one of popular memorial years with bad name. In recent decades, under the brutal boots of dictatorship, many lives from all ethnics were wasted, sadly. Since that time, inside Burma, under the socialist dictatorship, all ethnics- including Bamar people were pressed and killed and many bad things happened to everyone, regardless of any race or nationalities. . . All foreigners were driven out, and all PRIVATE Assets were forced to lose the ownership under the name PUBLIC PROPERTIES under the Socialism, now everyone realized as wrong approaches.

      Another thing is we have to look separately of ‘Dictatorship Government’, ‘Now New Democratic (at least trying to be) Government’ and ‘Myanmar People’. They are totally separate entities from each another.

      No one had been pressed, damaged, killed, destroyed by the old dictatorship government than the people of Myanmar. Sorry to say that , but it is True. Our national leader lady Daw Aung San Su Kyi is one Bamar lady was pressed too. And her party members were pressed too. In 1988 incident, 2007, 2008 incidents, there were many sad things happened. In 2007 infamous incident- our one worst and bitter experience, many Buddhist monks were killed, put into prisons. It is the SYSTEM that caused the sad things, under the old dictatorship.
      However, what I can assure sadly is, they were no Religious-based matter. They were just Bad Nature of Dictatorship system-born disease affects which we People in own country were affected.

      Now, the new government is trying to CHANGE. That is why unthinkable ‘things’ are now happening in Myanmar right now. For example, ‘Protect’ and ‘Demonstration’ more openly, More open media, …. Before was such things were Un-dreamable. We- ordinary people also did not trust entirely at first in 2010 beginning as well. But, some positive changes- trying outs of the government, encouraged us to give them chance to earn our trust. For Peace, for More Development for everyone in the country and in the region, that ‘Mutual Trust’, ‘Honesty’, ‘Right minded Attitude’ are essentials.

      I believe the government is doing its best. As a whole, Myanmar people has not religious-based negative intention towards Muslims or Christians or Hindu or . . . When sad things happened in history were caused because of Dictatorship, which we Myanmar People had Suffered Most and Hated that bad nature More than Anyone else in the world.
      Last thing, I request and assure is ‘Please Don’t BELIEVE or DISBELIEVE things on the internet and media right away’. There are many false or manipulated information spreading nowadays. There are many, amazingly and sorrowfully, ‘FAKE PHOTOs and SET-PLAY VIDEO’ on media now. I really request you to make your Judgments after making sure. (People even begin to think that some terrorist organization might be behind this whole plot, as they do not want Myanmar to have Development into Democracy having more friendship with Developed world, so they try to BLACKMAIL) I Don’t (and Can’t) Say to Believe All my Saying, But I really Request to find the Real Update TRUTH.

      Paying Respects to everyone, and Wish Peace be with everyone in the World, for Every Religion


        WAIT AND SEE.

        • Peace Lover Myamar

          1962, victims are everyone, not muslin majority. Majority might even be westerners and Myanmar capitalist (socialist dictators saw at that view at that time).

          This time, no one is doing anti-muslin. 90% of internet and media information are fake, manipulated by some ‘gangs’. Here are some illegal immigrant rooted issues happening. Due to that complexity, Bengali illegal attacked Rakhine, and Rakhine had todefend.

          I’m telling this because it is TRUTH. Pls don’t judge only with what u saw over media or internet or so-called reports manipulated by ‘gangs’.

          I’m NOT telling this because of the fear of so-called sanctions or terrorists. We don’t like both of them. However, the sanctions are used to us- people under the dictatorships in long past till recent few years ago.
          Terrorist attacks- We had long-experience of living under the terrorists- our own military which was sorrowfully evilly controlled by dictators in the long past till few years ago.

          For the terrorists, we would just pray for them to find the real right path, praised by God. Let the God guide them abandon the evil activities. God be with them.

          We Myanmar people including our national Muslin friends are living peacefully inside Myanmar. Terrorists try to create Doubts and Fears among us, trying to destruct our way to democracy, our more friendships with western countries.

          As latest, even if the so-called terrorists tend to attack our people, we have no options but to defend. That’s all. Thanks.

          God and Peace be with u and everyone

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