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New in the cinema

New actors, a new director, but that is as fresh as it gets.

The Amazing Spider-Man 

In an age where sequels and prequels equal financial gains, we are continuously confronted with new installments of franchise movies. Iron Man keeps snarkily saving the world, Batman has gone and returned more times than we can recall and the Madagascarians smile and wave to us, over and over again.

Does this mean the movies are automatically bad? Not at all, some are actually gems of the genre and if the public did not enjoy them, the studios would not be making them. Boxoffice talks.

The latest version of the man who weaves webs, The Amazing Spider-Man, hits the theatres this week and has put a new spin on the franchise-film phenomenon. Critics have nicknamed this the reboot version, because the movie tells the story of how it all came about that the geeky kid turns into the superhero. New actors, a new director, but that is as fresh as it gets.

The movie has received pretty good reviews overall, and the ones that gripe mostly share the same complaint. The fact there is no need for the movie whatsoever. Been there, seen it, ate the popcorn.

So, for all of you young enough to have missed the previous one, die-hard spiderites or in need of some simple entertainment: The Amazing Spider-man is back. Again.

Showing at:
Odion, Golden Stars Cinema, Galaxy, Stars Cinema, Ramses Hilton, Family Cinema, El Salam Concorde Cinema.


The five-year engagement
From the creator of Knocked up and The forty-year-old virgin comes a new romantic comedy, but this time the movie starts at where other movies end, featuring an engagement which stretches for longer than necessary. So much for happily ever after.

Showing at:
Renaissance Sun City, Renaissance Nile City Cinema, Genena, Dandy Mall



Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Anti-slavery US president Abraham Lincoln is resurrected in theatres.
Not to abolish slavery, but to put an end to the vampires’ plan to take over the US.
Abe fights the fangs. We have truly seen it all now.

Showing at:
Galaxy, Golden Stars Cinema, Stars Cinema

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