Copts protest disappearance of Coptic family

Essam Fadl
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CAIRO: Dozens of Copts demonstrated inside Abbaseya’s St. Mark’s Cathedral on Wednesday against the disappearance of a Coptic woman and her three children.

The demo coincided with Pope Shenouda’s weekly sermon.

Protestors called on the Pope to intervene to unveil the mystery surrounding the family’s disappearance.

Adel Ibrahim Segryous, the brother of the missing mother, told Daily News Egypt during the protest that his sister Nagwa Sergyous, 39, disappeared along with her three children Marina, 17 and twins Mario and Micheal, 9, in Tenth of Ramadan City where they live.

“My sister went to visit family on July 4 and never came back,” said Sergyous.

The family filed a complaint number 2628 in Tenth of Ramadan police station, and another complaint to the Prosecutor General demanding he order the police to open an investigation into the case. They also sent complaints to the presidential office, the People’s Assembly and the Shoura Council.

Sources inside the church told Daily News Egypt that the Pope ordered his assistants to contact the police to get the latest developments in the case.


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