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Good landscaping, good results

CAIRO: Before I started writing this article, I had to indulge in a lot of reading about landscaping. I’m assuming most urbanites, like myself, know precious little about the subject. Yes, everyone enjoys an attractive college campus, golf course and shopping center, but how many people know what is involved in transforming a functional piece of land into something beautiful and environmentally compatible? But what about residential landscapes that are becoming more common as people move away from the city to the newly formed suburbs in 6th of October of Katameya?

In addition to aesthetic appeal, landscape designs can have functional dimensions.

Here’s a highly beneficial reason that will appeal to most people: a study conducted by Clemson University concluded that homes with good to excellent landscaping had a higher sale value than those with average to poor landscaping; between 14 and 17 percent higher. A nice assortment of trees and shrubs can help your home blend in with the surrounding environment, hence increasing the aesthetic quality of the house, making it visually pleasing.

Landscaping can reduce the amount of air-conditioning needed when trees shade a house correctly – a valuable asset in our hot climate. It can also reduce bothersome noise by up to 50 percent.

Skillful and creative landscaping can extend your living space. A well-executed design can double or even triple the square footage of living space through the creation of outdoors rooms for activities such as cooking, dining, recreation and relaxation.

Therefore, whether you want to increase the value, the usability, or the aesthetic quality of your home, making sure your landscape is picturesque will do the trick on all counts. If you are thinking about expanding your kitchen area for more dining room, refurbishing your bathroom so the house has a better chance to sell, or building a tall fence to block the view of the neighbors, try fixing these problems with your landscape instead. You could come out a winner on all counts.

With a quality landscape that is well maintained, you will feel good to know it has been shown that an attractive property will reflect positively on its owner as well.

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