Egypt to stop daily swine flu updates Nov. 25

Safaa Abdoun
2 Min Read

CAIRO: The Ministry of Health said Egypt will stop issuing daily updates on the number of swine flu cases reported starting Nov. 25.

According to the ministry, epidemiologists say that at this point, any number of reported cases is no longer surprising and that it is unlikely that there will be an unexpected spike in deaths.

Starting Nov. 25 there will only be weekly swine flu updates with the total number of new cases reported that week, the first of which will be on Wednesday Dec. 2. However, a swine flu related death will be announced immediately, as well as the names of schools which will be closed down as a result of the virus.

This decision comes one day after the ministry reported the seventh swine flu death in the country in addition to 197 new cases, which is the highest number reported in a single day since the virus first appeared in Egypt last June.

The Ministry of Health reported 152 new cases Thursday, bringing the total number in Egypt up to 2,230 H1N1 cases so far, which included seven deaths.

Out of the 152 new cases, 94 are school students, 10 are university students and 48 cases reported outside educational institutions.

All cases are in stable condition and are receiving treatment, according to the ministry.

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