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Safaa Abdoun
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CAIRO: The eoldest son in an Egyptian family is groomed from childhood to take over the family business one day. But Waleed Abdel-Rahman didn’t want to simply follow in the footsteps of his father, but carve his own path in the same field his family leads. His first project was Delicatesse du Monde, a premium food and beverages service store.

“We have been the leader in the market of food supplies for five-star hotels for 25 years and we have penetrated different distribution channels that include hotels and retailers, so we were at a point in which we needed to penetrate the direct consumer market, explained Abdel-Rahman, general manager of Delicatesse du Monde.

He found an opening in the market, as people were repeatedly asking for their products and where to purchase them.

Delicatesse du Monde is French for “Delicacies of the World. The name, which was chosen by Abdel Rahman’s father, reflects the nature of the store’s service and products, bringing customers “delicacies of the world right to your door step.

“It is also a name that people would ask about, as it is not a name that you come across everyday, said Abdel-Rahman. The store has a wide selection of imported gourmet, delicious and unique epicurean foods and beverages from well-known international brands. They offer a large selection of tasty meat cuts, seafood, beverages, and desserts, unrivaled by any other delivery gourmet service in the city.

In addition, all of Delicatesse du Monde’s suppliers are certified and apply quality control management Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), which ensures that the products are fresh, delicious, aromatic and, most importantly, hygienic.

Their meat products include beef, veal and lamb. All of their beef products are of the American Certified Angus Beef Collection, known for its signature tenderness due to a strict feeding program of grains.

Egypt’s very own Fresh Sea Food Delicatesse du Monde’s are securely packaged in a HACCP procedure. It includes different types of fish, shrimps, prawns, fillet, calamari and salmon.

What was most fascinating of Delicatesse’s products is the Canadian live lobster, which is delivered from Canada by plane and delivered to you alive – moving, stretching and all.

Their beverages include the Italian S. Pellegrino Water sparkling water, still water, tea, herbal and fruit infusion, and coffee.

There is also an assortment of fresh fruits that are not found anywhere in Egypt, such as blackberries and raspberries.

“We have a wide variety of products that will definitely grow in the future . When you look at our products, they are value for money products that guarantee a very high hygiene and exclusive products that you can use day-to-day in your banqueting or daily meals, explained Abdel Rahman.

Regarding the competition in the market, Abdel-Rahman, who has a full-time job at the sales department of the multinational Proctor and Gamble, believes it’s healthy. “Our key is to differentiate [ourselves]; we are going to be providing very good pricing as we want our customer to benefit the most from value for money, in addition we bring products that no one else has, he said.

Abdel-Rahman’s vision for Delicatesse du Monde is “to be recognized as the best consumer food solutions provider in the Middle East.

He only has a social agenda for the business on his lap. “I believe in social entrepreneurship. Even though this business is a niche market business I believe that we have to give something back to the community. . We have a social agenda that we have to deliver upon here, explained Abdel Rahman.

“So it is not only business results but social results as well, he added.

They have implemented this by reseving a place in the crew for people with disabilities. They also plan to provide internships for students and be a distribution machine by getting different awareness campaigns to homes via flyers attached to the orders.

Orders for Delicatesse’s products can be placed online or by phone; the frozen food delivery service will bring it to your door step, whether in Cairo, Ein Sukhna or the North Coast.

Delicatesse du MondeTelephone: 16788 or Website:

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