MPs accuse NDP members of 'political corruption'

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: An urgent interrogation request filed by two MPs to the People s Assembly (PA) against Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif accused PA members affiliated with the National Democratic Party (NDP) of corruption.

The request was filed by independent MP Gamal Zahran and Hamdy Hassan, an MP affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and accuses the NDP of major violations such as bribery.

Zahran accused the government of giving NDP members privileges that are not given to their counterparts who belong to other parties.

Zahran claims the government granted NDP MPs around LE 250,000 each, to allocate “however they please.

However, NDP MP Mohamed Khalil Kwaitah denied such allegations, telling Daily News Egypt that they are “a 100 percent untrue.

Kwaitah said that NDP members generally request funds for certain projects they want to initiate in rural areas and governorates they are representing in the PA.

The same applies for other members who are not affiliated to the NDP and who request funds, Kwaitah said.

“It is a shame that some MPs are accusing each other of bribery and political corruption, Kwaitah said.

This request, which is not the first of its kind, is expected to include details exposing the NDP members, Mahmoud Amer, MP and member in the PA s committee for national defense told Daily News Egypt.

Head of the Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, Hussein Ibrahim, told Daily News Egypt that the request is expected to be discussed in the PA this week.

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