MPs demand investigation into man behind gas exports to Israel

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: Speaker of the People’s Assembly Fathi Sorour, received a complaint Tuesday from 26 MPs, requesting that the Prosecutor General investigate businessman Hussein Salem who allegedly owns the company that exports natural gas to Israel.

The members also demanded that Salem not be allowed to leave the country until the investigations are complete.

MP Mohamed Esmat El-Sadat, representing the Democratic Front Political Party, told Daily News Egypt that the constitution gives the PA the right to monitor business transactions taking place in Egypt.

A major shareholder in East Mediterranean Gas (EMG), which has a monopoly on sales of natural gas to Israel, Salem was accused of exploiting Egypt’s resources. The PA also accused him of selling some of his shares to Israeli investors without taking prior permission.

“The assembly wants to know the details surrounding the deal that Salem made with Israel because he is simply taking from our resources to give to Israel, El-Sadat said.

According to El-Sadat, Salem’s deal with Israel came at the same time that Egypt’s storage of natural gas is dwindling.

“Salem’s deal with Israel is a national issue that directly affects our nation’s resources and security, El-Sadat said.

El-Sadat cited another businessman who, a few years ago, had bought land in Taba from the government for a very cheap price and was exempt from paying taxes, then resold it to an Israeli investor.

“That infuriated both the public and the government, and the government eventually took the land back from him, he explained.

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