Egyptian student arrested in Florida on terror charges says supposed pipe bomb was fireworks

Daily News Egypt
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TAMPA: An Egyptian student at the University of South Florida, who is charged with trying to aid terrorists, says the supposed explosives found in his possession were just cheap fireworks that could only travel a few feet, according to a court filing.Ahmed Mohamed said he made the fireworks, called “sugar rockets, because it was cheaper than buying fireworks at a roadside stand, the defense filing said.Mohamed and Youssef Megahed were arrested in August in South Carolina, where deputies said they found pipe bombs in the car driven by Mohamed. The men were charged in a federal indictment with illegally transporting explosives.Mohamed, an Egyptian national, was also charged with trying to aid terrorists by demonstrating the use of explosives in a video posted on the Website YouTube. Prosecutors said it showed Mohamed demonstrating the use of a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.Mohamed told investigators that he became interested in fireworks just before July 4, public defender Adam Allen wrote.Mohamed told authorities the devices “did not explode, but traveled a few feet into the air and would make smoke. Megahed unsuccessfully sought a separate trial, claiming the terrorism-related charges against Mohamed would prejudice the jury against him. -AP

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